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The following are links to selected news and online journals containing information on 'open source' education technology and solutions:


  • Chief Learning Officer (CLO) Magazine - News on the rapidly growing industry of workforce learning and innovative new developments.
  • Common Sense Media - News, tools, technology, and training materials for educators, parent, and students.
  • Crowdsourcing.Org - Providing news, articles, and information on the topic of crowdsourcing and open innovation in Education.
  • eCampus News - Providing technology news to today's higher education leaders.
  • Edutopia - News and blogs on open education resources (OER).
  • eSchool News - Providing technology news to today's K-20 educators.
  • Open Research & Learning - Collection of of recent news, blogs, videos and more on open education resources and activities.
  • OSS Watch  - A free, public service for higher education institutions in the UK.
  •  SchoolForge - Unifying independent organizations that advocate, use, and develop open source resources for education.
Open Source
  • Open Source Magazine - An online magazine addressing issues, trends and technologies like JAVA, Eclipse, Linux, Open Source, Open Web 2.0,  etc.
  • OpenSource.Com - See the Education channel of OpenSource.Com

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OSCON 2011

Today there are more companies than ever relying on collaboratively developed open source software for their success. Open source is now the default assumption for the people building tomorrow.        Read OSCON 2011 Round-up

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DOE Open Innovation Portal

The Department of Education (DOE) is taking the lead in supporting  a collaborative environment and online community, the Open Innovation Portal, where education stakeholders of all types can spotlight areas of need, propose and suggest improvements to solutions, and fund, implement, and improve these solutions in and outside of the classroom.