Architecture & Standards

The following are selected links to organizations and web sites focused on  'open' architecture and standards, especially in the areas of 'open' education & training solutions:

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    IT Standards

    Standards are necessary for interworking, portability, and reusability. They may be de facto standards for various communities, or officially recognised national or international standards. Examples of bodies concerned in one way or another with computing standards are IAB, ISO, ANSI, ECMA, IEEE, IETF, W3C.

    YouTube SCORM & Education Data Standards

    Open Architecture

    A system in which the architecture is published in sufficient detail to enable change and subsequent evolution through the introduction or replacement of modules and/or components from any supplier.

    Selected Articles, Books, & Papers on IT Architecture & Standards 

    Gartner Survey 2011

    A recent 2011 survey by Gartner, Inc. found that more than half of organizations surveyed have adopted open-source software (OSS) solutions as part of their IT strategy. Nearly one-third of respondents cited benefits of flexibility, increased innovation, shorter development times and faster procurement processes as reasons for adopting OSS solutions. With each Gartner OSS survey taken in the past five years, the amount of OSS that makes up responding organizations' portfolio has increased, from less than 10 percent five years ago to more than an expected 30 percent within the next 18 months.   -  Gartner Open Source Survey