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Collaboration, Open Solutions, and Innovation (COSI) are the key management strategies organizations need to incorporate into their corporate culture in order to compete and succeed in the 21st century. The adoption and application of these new management strategies is already evident within many companies in almost every industry.

Industries and businesses throughout the world are being revolutionized through the application of these three unique and powerful management strategies. When combined, these COSI strategies create a robust model for accelerating change, achieving significant operational efficiencies, and improving the quality of products and services by organizations in the U.S. and other countries.

Collaborative development efforts to create innovative, 'open' education & training software tools and applications are spreading rapidly. These innovative 'open' education & training solutions are being released under one or more open source license arrangements that allow higher education and other public and private institutions to acquire and use these tools at little or no cost. Coupled with the proliferation of 'open access' materials, these open solutions will have tremendous beneficial consequences for organizations around the world that face funding challenges.

The 'Open Way'

The open source way is more than a development model; it defines the characteristics of a culture. The open source way thrives on broad collaboration and shared effort.

   - The open source way is about possibility.
Open source presents a new way to solve old problems. To share ideas and effort.

   - The open source way opens doors. Open source offers a new perspective. Open, not closed. Collaboration, not isolation.
   - The open source way multiplies: Knowledge; Effort; Inspiration; Creativity; and Innovation. The impact is exponential.

From www.opensource.com/open-source-way


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Open Source Education News

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has found that college textbooks costs increased by 82% between 2002 and 2012. The average price of a new textbook is now about $175. Five major publishers currently control about 90 percent of the market. More than 60 percent of students don't purchase books at some point because of the cost; 50 percent take fewer courses because of textbook costs; and 10 percent have withdrawn from a course due to textbook cost, according to a survey by Florida Virtual Campus."Open Education" textbooks are a viable answer to this growing problem for K-12 schools and colleges across the US and around the world.