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The following are links to selected organizations focused on collaborative, 'open' agricultural solutions needed to meet the challenges of the future:
  • Asian Federation for Information Technology in Agriculture (AFITA) - National and international organizations collaborating on research into the use of information technology (IT) in agriculture, the food supply chain, and the environment.
  • Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) -  The world’s largest biotechnology trade association.
  • Climate Prediction Center - Providing information on climate, droughts, and crop conditions needed to make smart decisions within the Agricultural community.
  • e-Agriculture.Org - A global Community of Practice, where people can share information, ideas, and resources related to the use of information & communication technologies (ICT) related to agriculture and rural development.
  • EarthOpenSource - A non-profit organization dedicated to assuring the sustainability, security, and safety of the global food system.
  • Farm Hack - An open source community providing information and resources for the agriculture sector.
  • Farmobile - A farm data company, helping farmers to own their agronomic data outright, in addition to helping store, share and sell their valuable data to vetted third parties.
  • FutureFood 2050 - A non-profit organization helping to explore and advance the science of food, both for today and tomorrow.
  • Global Crop Diversity Trust - Working to ensure the long-term conservation, protection, and use of crop diversity in support of food security for our world.
  • ICT in Agriculture - Exploring and capturing the expanding knowledge and use of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) tools in agrarian livelihoods.
  • International Association of Agricultural Information Specialists (IAALD) - Connecting agricultural information specialists worldwide, providing platforms and spaces for information dissemination, exchange, and knowledge sharing.
  • iPlant Collaborative - Collaborating on the development of cyber infrastructure and computational tools in agriculture & plant science.
  • Open Ag Data Alliance (OADA) - Working to bring open data standards, interoperability, data privacy and security to the global agricultural sector.
  • Open Ag Initiative - MIT Media Lab creating healthier, more engaging, and more inventive food systems.
  • Open Source Ecology - A network of farmers, engineers, and supporters creating the open source Global Village Construction Set
  • United States Agriculture Department (USDA) - Providing leadership in strengthening the U.S. agricultural economy, building vibrant rural communities, and securing a stronger future for America.
  • U.N. Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO) - Its mandate is to raise levels of nutrition, improve agricultural productivity, better the lives of rural populations and contribute to the growth of the world economy.

* You might also want to explore new startup companies like AgSquared, Food+Tech Connect, Farmeron, ...

By 2050, there will be 3 billion more people to feed, by which time meat production demand will grow almost 75% and cereal production will have to increase by 1 billion tons.  Agriculture Industry Market Report

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