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The community developing, implementing, and using 'open source' agriculture software applications and business solutions continues to grow.  There are now hundreds of sites containing information about the global 'open' agriculture community and related open source software, technologies, and solutions spread across the web. As we started spending hundreds of hours surfing the web searching and looking at all these sites trying to find the 'good' sites - sites that contain useful information; have been around for a while; are high quality, and are regularly updated - we decided to put all those links on our own web site to save others from having to spend a lot of their time repeating the same process. We hope you find this site a useful starting point as you investigate the world of innovative  'open' agriculture technology and solutions. Our intention is to continually improve this web site over time.


Peter Groen is a retired government executive, author, speaker, health informatics specialist, and former instructor and researcher at Shepherd University in West Virginia.  He has been a strong advocate for many years of Collaboration, Open Solutions, and Innovation (COSI) by individuals and organizations in both the public and private sector around the world.
He was also a founder and served as a senior editor of Open Health News (OHN.

Collaboration, Open Solutions, and Innovation (COSI)

  • Collaboration allows one to save time, energy, and money by   cooperating with others; sharing information, knowledge, and resources; and working jointly on projects with other employees, business partners, and even customers.
  • Open Solutions facilitate the ability of professionals, organizations, computer systems, and end users or consumers to communicate and freely share information in an open,  interoperable, and transparent way.
  • Innovation unleashes the knowledge and applied creativity power of individuals and/or organizations collaborating and working together in an open and transparent manner to significantly improve business processes, reduce costs, and improve the quality of end products.

In other words, the three key management strategies of Collaboration, Open Solutions, and Innovation (COSI) are interlinked in concept and execution as follows:

Collaboration + Open Solutions = Innovation

Collaboration, Open Solutions, & Innovation (COSI) in Agriculture

There is often no perceived connection between food and health. People are fed by the food industry, which doesn't pay enough attention to health. In turn, we are healed by the health industry, which also doesn't pay enough attention to food. 
* You might want to check out the COSI 'Open' Health web site.

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Free and open source software (FOSS) is no longer an oddity. It is now being used by 80% of organizations around the world and the movement continues to grow. In essence, 'the war is over'. As a result, support for this site will now start to diminish as it is no longer needed.  -  Peter Groen