OUR GREENHOUSES and Frost Support

The Fifteen Foot with on open door.  The Mini with RowHouse and Tomato Dome. The Mini with the little gardener inside. l to right   The 15 foot with friends, the Mini, the Mini in the background with RowHouse and Tomato Dome in the foreground.
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The truck delivers and unloads your greenhouse in a location close to its site.  The space is measured off and a trench is dug.

The house is placed and dirt covers the lip inside the house.  The dirt helps insulate your house and hold down the house.

A hole is drilled in each corner of the house.  A long stake, washer and cotter pin are inserted.  This serves as an additional wind prevention procedure.

The automatic venting system is installed on the 2 vents on both the Mini and the 15 foot.

The cylinder you see is filled with beeswax.  The beeswax expands with the temperature and then contracts to close the vent and retain the heat.

The pots we moved inside have a dwarf raspberry, snap peas, our strawberry pot and my favorite flower pot from this summer.

Transplanted tomatoes and basil.  Planted spinach, lettuce, and beets in the ground and in the gardening box. Will cover the ground with grass clippings when we mow for the final time.

Optional Greenhouse Accessories
  Misting system pictured here and the potting table at the end of the house in the picture above.   Also, our RowHouses, which we have outside the house, with spinach inside.