Qualification and experience

1970 Senior High Schools teacher in History and Philosophy.
1973 Lecturer in History of Economic Doctrines
1982 Associate Professor
1990-2011 Full Professor of the History of Economic Thought
1990-2011 Director of the Centre for Economic Studies, University of Salento
1992-94 Department Director
1993-94 In the Senatus Academicus, Univ. of Lecce
1996 Lecturing at the Univ. of Barcelona (12 lectures)
1998 Life member of Clare Hall, Univ. of Cambridge (UK)
1998-2000 Director of the Master in Social Sciences
1999-2001 Editor of the journal “Economia e Società”
2000-2011 In the Board for the international PhD “The European Tradition in the History of Economics (Univ. of Macerata, Erfurt, Paris III, Barcelona, Roma III, Salento)
2005 Lectures in Zaragoza
2006-2008 Annual lectures for: 
  • Dickinson College of Bologna
  • ISUFI (Selected School of specialisation, Un. of Salento) 2006-09
  • Macerata PhD