Other conference papers

1976 Lecce University, "The transition to Socialism".
1978 Firenze 2nd International Conference on Gramsci.
1981 Macerata 5th National conference of the Historians of Economic Thought.
1982 Durham (UK) Dept. of Geography, "National and Regional Development in the Mediterranean basin".
1983 Roma Istituto Gramsci, International Conference on Marx.
-- Urbino Faculty of Education, "Marx 1883-1983".
1984 Hamburg City Council & University, "Rosa Luxemburg and Gramsci".
1988 Palermo ABI (Italian Banking Association) & Faculty of Humanities, "F. Ferrara and his time".
1989 Sassari 3rd meeting of the "CNR Group on Economic Theories and Policies".
1994 Modena Italian Assoc. of the Historians of Economic Thought (AISPE), annual conference (speaker and discussant).
1995 Rotterdam 1st Conference of the ESHET.
-- Cetona “Italian Meetings”, on the Institutions in Italy.
1996 Lisboa 2nd Conference of the ESHET (speaker and discussant).
-- Pisa National conference of AISPE (speaker, discussant and chairman).
1997 Cremona Università Cattolica, Fac. of Economics & CRISP.
-- Napoli National conference of AISPE (discussant and chairman only).
1998 Bologna Annual conference of ESHET
-- Bergamo the Univ., conference on Marxian economics (discussant and chairman only).
-- Lecce National conference of the Historical Archive of Italian Economists
1999 Valencia Annual conference of ESHET.
2000 Graz Annual conference of ESHET (speaker, discussant).
-- Lecce the University, 1st Southern Meeting on the History of Economic Thought.
2001 Darmstadt ESHET annual conference (speaker, discussant, chairman).
2002 Rethymno (Crete) ESHET annual conference (speaker, discussant, chairman).
2003 Paris ESHET annual conference (speaker, discussant and chairman).
2004 Treviso ESHET annual conference (speaker, discussant and chairman).
2005 Stirling (GB) ESHET annual conference (session organizer, speaker, chair, discuss.).
-- Siena STOREP annual conference (speaker, chair, discuss.).
-- Lisboa Conference of Hiberian Assoc. of the History of Economic Thought.
2006 Porto ESHET annual conference (speaker, chair, discuss.).
-- Lecce STOREP annual confer. (chair, discuss.).
2007 Pollenzo STOREP annual confer. (speaker, chair, discuss.).
-- Strasburg ESHET annual confer. (speaker, chair, discuss.).
-- Madrid Confer. Of the Hiberian Association of the History of Econ, Thought (speaker, chair).
2008 Praha ESHET conference (speaker, chair, discuss.) paper on “Serra and economic dependence”
-- Roma LUISS, STOREP annual confer., paper on “Pierre Nicole and self-interest”.
-- Lecce International conference on “Emigration and development in the Mediterranean area”.
2009 January, Lecce International workshop on “Paura dei beni” by Cosimo Perrotta.
-- December, Coimbra Encuentro Ibérico de Historia del Pensamiento Economico, paper on “Dependencia y subdesarrollo en los mercantilistas”.
2010 March, Amsterdam Annual confer. of the European Society History of Economic Thought, paper on “Quesnay and the mercantilists on productive labour”.
--, June, Trento Annual confer. of STOREP (Assoc. di Storia dell’Economia Politica), (chair e discussant).
 2013 May, Gaeta
Annual conference of STOREP.
 -- October, Napoli
Conference on A. Serra.
 -- October, Bologna
Annual conference of SIE.
 2015 May, Napoli
Conference in honour of Eugenio Zagari.
 -- June, Roma
 ESHET Conference.
 2016 June, Catania
Annual conference of STOREP.
 2017 June, Piacenza
Annual conference of STOREP
 -- September, Lyon
Marx 1818-2018.