Invited papers at conferences

1985 Milano Institute of Anthropology, "Underdevelopment in Latin America
1990 Capri Italian Economic Society (SIE), "Economic Development"
1992 Moskva Internat. Econ. Association World Congress
--- Roma SIE, Annual Meeting, "New and Old Theories of Growth
1993 Lecce International Conference on "1992 and European Peripheries"
--- Napoli SIE, Annual Meeting, "Money and Development in Neapolitan Thinkers"
1994 Roma La Sapienza, Dept. of Economic Sciences, Workshop of Economics
--- Parma International Conference on Italian Economic Journals, XVIII-XIX century (rapporteur)
1995 Ancona National Research Project on the “Economic & Social Transformations in Italy”.
--- Roma Univ. “La Sapienza”, Dept. of Economic Sciences, Workshop on Economics
--- Roma La Sapienza, Round table on Smith and Marx, with P.Sylos Labini, and A. Roncaglia
--- Ancona SIE national meeting on the “Historical Archive of Italian Economists” (ASE)
1996 Roma Univ. “La Sapienza”, Dept. of Economic Sciences, Workshop on Economics
1998 Montreal Annual conference of the History of Economics Society
--- Macerata Univ., “Italian and German Economics 1860-1930”
1999 Santander Univ. Menendez Pelayo: national conference of the Spanish historians of Economics
--- Firenze Conference of the Italian Assoc. of the Historians of Economic Thought (AISPE)
--- Pisa Conference on the economic associations in the XVIII-XIX century Italy (rapporteur
2000 Foggia Meeting of the "CNR Group on Economic Theories and Policies"
2001 San Sebastian Summer Spanish Course in honour of Ernest Lluc
2002 Nice Annual Meeting of the ESHET Executive Commette
2004 Treviso-Venezia Annual ESHET conference
--- Belgirate 1st annual conference of STORE
2005 Napoli Istituto Italiano di Studi Filosofici, Conference on Antonio Genovesi (“Genovesi: il progresso economico come evoluzione dei bisogni e del lavoro”)
2006 Brixen Storep International Summer Schoo
2007 Formigal (Spain) Summer School of the Ernest Lluch Foundatio
--- Oslo “The other canon” Foundation, Conference on Antonio Serr
2008 Santander Universidad Internacional Menendez Pelayo, Summer School on Spanish Economic Though
2009 Coimbra Round Table at the Conference of Asociación Iberica de Historia del Pensamiento Económic
2010 (Jan.) Roma École Française, on the Modern Age culture and capitalist developmen
--- (Sept.) Delphi Economic Research Society, “Economics …in the light of intellectual inheritance of ancient Athens
--- (Oct.) Tokyo Sophia University, international workshop on “Globalization and present economy”, paper on “EU and globalization today”
--- (Nov.) Alessandria, Univ. Piemonte Orientale, workshop on “The Economics of Happiness”, paper on “ ‘Happiness and development are opposed or complementary?
2011 (June) Minervino STOREP annual conference, key speaker: “The Myth of prosperous Southern Italy”
--- (Nov.) Mexico City ESHET conference on Development; key speaker: “Globalization and the present crisis of development
2013 (Sept.) Roma Accademia nazionale dei Lincei, “Italian economists on Southern Italy
2013 (Oct.) Volos
Conference in memory of Anastassios Karayiannis
2013 (Nov.) Milan Conference on the influence of A. Genovesi on the Milanese Enlightenment
2014 (March) Tokyo

Waseda University, “Genovesi’s Economics: Evolution and Development”
--- (June) Bergamo
Annual conference of STOREP, round table on methodology of the history of economic thought
2015 (Dec.) Valencia
Confer. Asociación Ibérica de Historia del Pensamiento Económico (key lecture)
2016 (Mar.) Fukuoka
Fukuoka Univ., round table on “Malthus in the XXI century”
--- Kyoto
Ryukoku Univ., “Different views among early underconsumption theories”