Conferences organized

(At the Univ. of Lecce/Salento.)

1976 “La transizione al socialismo”
1996 “Strumenti per l’occupazione”
1998 National conference of ASE.
2000 National conference on the Non-profit economic sector.
National Congress of AISPE (with ClaudiaSunna).
2002, September First National meeting of the Degree Courses on Cooperation and Development in the Italian Universities.
2003, October Annual Research Meeting of the ESHET Executive Commettee (with Claudia Sunna)
2006, June
(Together with Salvatore Rizzello and others.) IV Annual Conference of STOREP.
2008, November
“Vie dell’emigrazione, vie dello sviluppo nel Mediterraneo”
2016, April
“Montchrétien and the birth of Political Economy”, Univ. of Salento (with V. Gioia and C. Sunna)
2018, October “Le migrazioni: occasione di sviluppo in Italia e in Africa”