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The following are links to a range of selected sites devoted to health information technology (HIT) training programs of various sorts:

Links to Health IT Education, Training & Certification Web Sites

Links to ‘Open’ Health IT Education & Training Web Sites

Links to Selected Technical Training & Certification Web Sites

Links to ‘M’ Programming Training Materials

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YouTube Dr. Chouinard on the Benefits of EHR Systems

West Virginia Regional Health IT Extension Center

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across the U.S.

Links to ‘Open Source' Education Software

  • Kuali - A suite of open source administrative software modules for use in higher education, including medical schools and nursing education programs.
  • Health EducationAssests Library (HEAL) - A digital repository of images, videoclips, animations, presentations, and audio files that support health care education.
  • Moodle - An open source web-based Course Management or Learning Management System that educators can use to create effective online learning sites.
  • OpenSimulator - An open source multi-user 3D application server that can be used to create virtual reality medical education environments. It is similar to Second Life Education software and learning environments.
  • Sakai - An open source content management system (CMS) and Collaboration and Learning Environment (CLE) software solution designed for education, research and related scholarly activities.

Articles by the Webmaster on collaborative, open source education projects and software in health care.

Visit the COSI Open Education web site
Also check out the 'open' health education & training resources on the Open Health News web site.

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