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The following are links to selected 'open source' Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems and community support web sites:   Videos
  • OpenEMR - A free and open source medical practice management, electronic medical records (EMR), prescription writing, and medical billing application.
  • OpenEHR -  An open source software platform and tools that can be used to create high-quality, re-usable clinical models of content and process along with formal interfaces to terminology.
  • OpenMRS - A community-developed, open source, enterprise electronic medical record system platform that can be customized to the needs of clinical and research organizations.
  • Open Source Clinical Applications & Resources (OSCAR) - A suite of open source software applications developed in Canada that include electronic medical records(EMR), a billing module, a personal health record (PHR), and more.
  • Resource& Patient Management System (RPMS) - A popular variant of the VistA system now used by the Indian Health Service (IHS) and several states in hundreds of health care facilities of various sizes across the U.S.
  • Tolven Health Record - An open source platform for ePHR and eCHR applications enabling interoperability across electronic health records for consumers & clinicians.
  • VistA -  A comprehensive electronic health record (EHR) and practice management system originally developed by the Veterans Health Administration. The software is in the public domain and is installed in several thousand public and private hospitals and clinics around the world and is supported by OSEHRA and a thriving 'open' community. Check out WorldVistAVA VistA, MedSphere Open VistA and vxVistAAlso, see global VistA Installation Map.
* A comprehensive list of 'open source' EHR systems is posted on the Open Health News (OHN) web site. Learn more about GNU Health, Hospital OS, Open Clinic, and many other open source EHR systems around the world.

Articles by the Webmaster and others on collaborative, 'open source' electronic health record (EHR) systems and other selected reports:
For a thrill, also read "A Case of Murder by EHR"

EHR Market Revenues - 2012

Total U.S. market revenues for hospital electronic health record systems could reach $6.5 billion in 2012 largely because of the meaningful use incentive program, according to a new report from market research firm Frost & Sullivan.  See iHealthBeat article.

* See the latest Infograph on EHR Systems posted on HealthIT.Gov

YouTube Video

"Why interoperability is taking so darnn long" - Hospitals can have hundreds of IT systems. Vendors have built proprietary databases. Not everyone follows the same standards. Health systems fear sharing data with competitors. Policymakers have not focused on health information exchange or EHR usability. More collaboration and 'open' solutions are the answer.

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