Selected for-profit organizations or companies focused on collaboration and 'open' health IT solutions (HIT):

  • Black Duck - Focused on helping companies increase their use of collaboration and open source solutions.
  • Browsersoft Inc. - Provides health IT consulting services and breakthrough products such as the Open Health Record Exchange (OpenHRE) solution.
  • DSS Inc.  - They specialize in the development, implementation, and support computerized patient medical record solutions, i.e. vxVistA.
  • InterSystems  - Provides a high quality software platform, data base management system, interconnection capabilities for healthcare organizations and their health IT systems  like Epic Systems, GE Healthcare, Siemens Medical, VA VistA, and others.
  • Kitware - Creates and supports leading edge, high quality open source software in the fields of computer vision, medical imaging, visualization, and 3D data publishing.
  • KRM Associates - Provides open source health information technology solutions and services to private and public sector entities, e.g. Open EMR, Open PHR, and Open HIE solutions.
  • MedSphere - Helps health care providers achieve clinical and financial transformation by effectively deploying OpenVista®, an open-source version of the world's most proven electronic health record (EHR) system - VA VistA.
  • Mirth Corporation  - Creating open source solutions for healthcare interoperability consisting of several modules, e.g. an HL7 messaging interface; a clinical data repository; and a master patient index (MPI).
  • MISYS Open Source Solutions (MOSS) - Focused on developing, releasing, and implementing open source health information exchange (HIE)  and related solutions.
  • OpenEMR Vendors  - A listing of vendors providing implementation and support services for the OpenEMR system.
  • OpenMRS - A community-developed, open source, enterprise electronic medical record system platform supported by multiple organizations.
  • Open Health Software Solutions - Assists healthcare organizations, physician offices and clinics to implement the open source OSCAR electronic medical record (EMR) system.
  • Red Hat - Provides global enterprises with technology and services made possible by the open source model. Solutions include Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, JBoss Enterprise Middleware, and a broad range of management and services used by many health care organizations.
Google, IBM, Intel, Dell/Perot Systems, Northrop Grumman and other major corporations are also actively competing in the 'open' health marketplace. For a more complete list of companies, go to the Resources Section of Open Health News. 

Black Duck on Open Health - 2011

According to Black Duck, in 2011 projected development costs for the 1,500-plus health care projects they track have grown to approximately $9.3 billion. This represents an investment of approximately 51,000 person-years by the open source health IT community.  Read more at IT World

YouTube MedSphere OpenVistA Overview

* Visit Open Health News (OHN) to see a more complete listing and information of public and private organizations working on 'open' health IT solutions and activities.
** Also check out key Open Health IT Communities that have now emerged.

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