The following are links to selected books on collaboration, open solutions, and innovation, with a focus on healthcare:

Medical Informatics 20/20

Imagine a healthcare system in which digital and mobile technologies, medical knowledge at the point of need, and collaboration among providers deliver safe, high-quality care for everyone—a healthcare system that does not require the patient to complete the same forms at every access point. Instead, imagine an 'open' healthcare system where primary care physicians have access to your specialty medical information and specialists have access to your primary care information via secure inter-connected 'smart' EHRs that are integrated with personalized eHealth service providers and delivered directly to a multi-purpose, intelligent, mobile digital device that can be carried in one’s pocket.


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Wikinomics on Collaboration

Smart companies are encouraging, rather than fighting, the heaving growth of massive online communities—many of which emerged from the fringes of the Web to attract tens of millions of participants overnight. Even ardent competitors are collaborating on path-breaking science initiatives that accelerate discovery in their industries. Indeed, as a growing number of firms see the benefits of mass collaboration, this new of way organizing will eventually displace the traditional corporate structures as the economy’s primary engine of wealth creation.   -  Wikinomics by Rob McEwan

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Free eBooks by Peter Groen on 'Open' Health IT Solutions

Download a free copy of the eBook entitled "Open Health IT Solutions for the Public & Private Sectors" - January 2014
Also, view or download this short story entitled "A Case of Murder by EHR"

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