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News & Journals

The following are links to selected news & online journals containing information on 'open' economic and finacial solutions:
  • CFO Magazine - Offering daily stories geared specifically for finance executives.
  • CIO Magazine - Covering news and issues of interest to Chief Information Officers (CIO) and other IT leaders.
  • ComputerWorld - Providing news about the development and use of open source solutions by a growing number of businesses.
  • COSI 'Open' News - Providing weekly news updates on all things 'open' from around the world - open source, open access, open data, open hardware...
  • Crowdsourcing.Org - Providing news, articles, and information on the topic of crowdsourcing and open innovation in Business.
  • Digital Communities - News on collaboration and use of innovative digital technologies by cities & counties to improve public services.
  • Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) - A directory of a wide range of freely available, online Open Access Journals covering science, medicine, and more.
  • Economics eJournal - An online, open access journal covering all the main areas of economics.
  • InfoWorld - One of their IT business topic centers covers open source software, open source licensing issues, and related issues.
  • Linux Insider: Business Section - Linux & Open Source business news from around the world.
  • Open Gov TV - Providing the latest news on Economics, Gov 2.0, and other issues of importance to both the public & private sector.
  • Open Publish - An open source platform designed specifically for the online news industry.
  • OpenSource.Com News - News on how  open source solutions are being deployed in key industries, e.g. Health, Education, Government.
  • Open Source Delivers - News from Black Duck on adoption of open source solutions by industry.
  • Open Source Magazine - Covering issues, trends and technologies like JAVA, Eclipse, Linux, Open Source, Open Web 2.0 and more.
  • OStatic - Web site providing news, information, blogs, tweets, and more on open source issues and solutions.
  • SMH News - Syndey Morning Herald (SMH) News in Australia has a great section covering the business & industry of open source technologies.
  • Tech Republic - News about the open source industry and key companies & products

Eclipse Survey - 2011

Eclipse is a large, vibrant, well-established open source community with over 200 open source projects, 170-plus member companies, and thousands of companies embedding Eclipse into their products and applications. Eclipse has become a major destination for people involved in developing software that includes open source software. See Eclipse Community Survey 2011

Case Study: An Open Source Business

Check out some of these 'Open Economics' social media groups on Twitter & LinkedIn:

In 2012. Red Hat will become the first open source software company to generate more than $1 Billion a year in revenue. It will be a watershed moment for the open source community. Open source has left the proprietary software world in turmoil over the past few years.  See CIO Magazine

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