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The following are links to a range of selected sites devoted to 'Open' Education & Training resources, organizations, web sites, and software tools of use to both public & private sector financial organizations:

* Check out the Open Education & Training Video Playlist on YouTube

“Let us bring our hearts and minds together for the good of the whole” has been a common entreaty of wise leaders for millennia. The path forward is about discovering how to act in service of the whole, not just in service of one's own interests. It is about rediscovering our courage and pursuing an "open way” forward. It is about changing existing "closed" business models, thinking, and behavior.  It is about opening our minds, hearts, and wills and embracing collaboration, open solutions, and innovation (COSI) strategies to succeed in this 21st century.   -  Read "Solving Tough Problems" by Kahane & Senge

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