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Many of the outdated Business and Economic models that were pertinent to the 'Industrial Age' of the 20th century no longer apply to the 'Information Age' of the 21st century.

We need to proactively explore and begin adopting strategies that focus on Collaboration, 'Open' Solutions, and Innovation (COSI) on a global level -  strategies better suited to the changing times and conditions.

'Open business' represents a concept of doing business in a more transparent way by intimately integrating an ecosystem of participants, collaborating and sharing in a very 'open way'. The definition is inspired by the various 'open' movements rapidly spreading around the world, e.g. open source, open access, open data, open standards.

Throughout the world, industries, businesses and whole cultures that have scaled beyond the capabilities of past methodologies are playing catchup to those who have invented new, more scalable methods.

Collaboration, 'Open' Solutions, and Innovation can generate tremendous short and long term benefits for everyone - in both the public and private sector.

Open source software has had a revolutionary impact on the software industry. With the success and ubiquity of open source projects, most enterprise and commercial software development teams now mix open source with internal code to shorten software development schedules and save on the development costs.  See BlackDuck Open Source ROI.

The following is a database of selected articles on collaborative, 'open' solutions, and innovation with regards to Finance & Economics that are recommended by the Operations Institute.

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