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Roger G. Erickson, PhD/Physiology, is a systems entrepreneur based in Maryland.  A biologist by training, he worked for years in neurophysiology system research, at the Humboldt Stiftung, MIT, Yale, and NIMH before becoming more interested in community, business and market systems.  Roger currently heads up the Operations Institute, located in Martinsburg, Maryland, USA. The Operations Institute helps apply innovative approaches to new or stalled group projects.  

Peter Groen worked for the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) within the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for over 30 years. During his federal career, he occupied a number of senior Information Technology (IT) management positions within VA Headquarters and in the field. Mr. Groen continues to write, lecture, and consult, and also serves on the Board of Directors for several public and private sector organizations. Mr. Groen is now semi-retired and living in Summerton, S.C.

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Operations Institute - along with an open team of collaborators in multiple countries - invents and helps implement new, indirect approaches to intractable context barriers. We can help parse and address any stalled, group project. Visit the Operations Institute's web site.

'Open Business' is characterized by the use of open source software, open business models, open communities, open standards, open access, open knowledge, … the "open way" of the 21st Century and the Information Age. It embodies a culture of :
  • global collaboration,
  • development & use of open solutions,
  • continuous improvement & innovation,
  • sharing information & knowledge,
  • transparency, increased scrutiny & open access,
  • competitiveness, effectiveness, and more.
Those individuals and organizations that cling tenaciously to the 'closed' business models and approaches of the last century will find themselves left behind as our society continues the massive transition that is well underway, from the 'Industrial Age' to the new 'Information Age'.

Closed communities, costly proprietary solutions, lack of access, excessive copyright restrictions, hidden deals and outrageously greedy, damaging behavior won't succeed over the long term in the 'open' culture that is rapidly taking hold across the U.S. and around the world.       -  Peter Groen

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Free and open source software (FOSS) is no longer an oddity. It is now being used by 80% of organizations around the world and the movement continues to grow. In essence, 'the war is over'. As a result, support for this site will now start to diminish as it is no longer needed.  -  Peter Groen