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Halloween Fun October 2007 

Barbaque with friends October 2007 

Summer Fun 2007  Fishing with friends at Oeder's lake 7/07

Parky's Arc  A visit with the Bata Cousins was very fun 7/07

Kansas City Visit 7/07  Be sure to catch a glimpse of one of the  squirrels Ray caught.  Rotten little tomato eaters!

First Day at the beach 8/7/07

More Virginia Beach Pictures

Norfolk Harbor Tour 8/8/07

Cake and Fishing 8/9/07  Dillon Caught a shark and I got to sample my first Ukrops cake.  YUMMY!  Thanks Shannon & Steve!

Last Day at Virginia Beach and Ride Home 

Julia goes swimming with Daddy 

Summer of 2007  
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Jim's mom, Suzie, came down for a visit and stayed almost a week with us.  We watched the King's Island fireworks on July 3rd and celebrated the 4th over at Steve and Shannon's house.

Julia had her forth birthday.  The Batas came on vacation from Kansas City and celebrated it with us.  We went to see "Surf's Up" with a few friends and then back to the house for cake and ice cream.

July 18th to August 1st we went out to Kansas City on Skybus and had fun painting my dad a picture and getting him ready for a big project of flagstone stairs.  Click on the pink to see the link. 


August 6th we went to Virginia beach and it was soooo fun!  I highly recommend going.  It was very hot (near or at 100 degrees) but when you are in the ocean it wasn't too bad.  Dillon caught a shark while fishing in Chesapeake bay with his Dad.  We went riding on a family bike on the boardwalk with The Vise-Holmans.  Sara got a new "leash" on life after getting lost 200 yards down the beach and scaring the crap out of us.  Dillon asked, "Does the ocean have sides on it like the pool so I can climb out?" on the way to the beach.  Julia took one look at the ocean for the first time and said,"It's gonna eat me Mom!"  They both had a blast!  We would love to go again some time.  Take a look at our links for new pictures.