Department of English

Important Info: 
2017 class codes
    Class        Code         Book
4th grade A : tp4ZB7  (Guess What! 4)
4th grade B : Ju3pg7 (Guess What! 4)

5th grade A : rR3AB8 (Uncover 1A)
5th grade B : NT3cu2 (Uncover 1A)
6th grade A :  Dv3jr4 (Uncover 1B)
6th grade B : EV2hu9 (Uncover 1B)
7th grade A : LU2cr7 (Uncover 2A)
7th grade B : ga3LL4 (Uncover 2A)
8th grade A : DD3WH6 (Uncover 2B)
8th grade B : Gv8Ws6 (Uncover 2B)

9th grade A : sV3xH7     (1° medio) (Uncover 3A)
9th grade B : wN3bN3   (Uncover 3A)
10th grade A : AX2tB6   (2° medio) (Uncover 3B)
10th grade B : Vc7ek6   (Uncover 3B)
11th grade A : ww9FV9 (Uncover 4A)
11th grade B : sr8Md6   (Uncover 4A)
12th grade A : WQ3nm3 (Uncover 4B)
12th grade B : pc6Ne8   (Uncover 4B)

Jaime Gálvez

Traveling and visiting other countries is a good experience. Nature is awesome and can teach you loads of interesting things.

 In order to grasp as much information as you can, you not only need your eyes to see things but all the tools you have at hand. The most amazing instrument we, human beings, possess is language; through language we can communicate, create and understand the world we live in. 

This website pursues that. Through English you can reach different worlds.

Also, some of the books you can read are here, links to some videos, too, and much more.

Just give it a go!                                                              


Felipe Marambio

Nowadays, English is so important  in life for different purposes such as studies, Arts, Music, Sports, and so on. Learning a new language opens you the possibility to travel abroad, to face a new culture and to open your own knowledge. For me, life is a picture of a variety of colours, or it's a dish of different flavours, so YOU ARE THE ONE WHO GIVES THAT COLOUR OR THAT FLAVOUR INTO LIFE... if you want to achieve your goals, you just have to go for it, and put your ideas into practice
Just go!!!