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5th "AGM" a "stunning success", says local man. Local CH3 hasher Bumpf**k was interviewed today by the Corvallis Gazette-Times. Read all about the festivities HERE.

Welcome to the cyber-home of the Corvallis Hash. What's a "hash?" The short version is, we're a drinking club with a running problem. Sound like fun? Then read on...

The longer version is that we're a group who likes the social aspects of running, while trying to minimize the competetive, anal-retentive aspects of running. While we have some serious runners in the group (folks who do 50km [that's over 612 miles!] trail runs), we also have people whose idea of a long run is 2 miles (which is about 28km). Everyone is welcome at a hash, as long as you have a willing spirit and a healthy (i.e. - juvenile) sense of humor. The Corvallis HHH is a friendly group, especially for newbies (or "virgins", as we call them), and we always make sure the pack stays together during a hash.

Typically, here in Corvallis, we try to get together every two weeks. We meet at a location determined by that week's "hare" (the person who's laying the trail), where we start the event off with a few pre-hash beverages (beer), followed by a brief explanation of the trail (a "chalk talk"), and then we set off to follow the trail laid by the hare. Trails are usually laid with your basic unbleached flour, and the marks are spaced so that you can run at a comfortable pace while still following trail. Trails will also have numerous "checks" where the trail can diverge in any direction, and it is up to the hashers to find the "true trail". This is also a time where you can catch your breath, if needed. It is also a time where you can hit on other hashers, if needed.

Trails can be done on city streets, through fields, in creeks or rivers, through shopping malls, in drainage tunnels - in short, they are limited only by the hare's imagination and bravado. If you hash long enough, you will see parts of your hometown that you never knew existed, or you will see them from vantages that most people would never see.

After the trail comes the "apres", from the French meaning, "drink beer, tell stories and sing stupid songs." During the apres, "down-downs" of beer may be given out as either reward or punishment, as determined by the "Grand Master". The GM is kind of like the pope, in that they are both figureheads. Unlike the pope, the GM tends to be listened to by more than half of those present. The GM sort of runs the proceedings, but this is a hash, so there really are no rules - just some traditions that we try and stick with to some degree. People may get a hash name - an event to be cherished forever, but one that frequently involves a lot of embarrassed explanations to your "civilian" friends when a hasher calls you "Creaming Eargasm". More beer and food will be served, and the festivities continue until people realize they have jobs / school / family obligations / meetings with their parole officer the next day.

For the really long version of "what is a hash," and for a thorough telling of world hash history, go here. But make sure you come back.