How to Perform a Study

 Title         Description

 Extracting DNA

 CWW students explain how DNA is extracted from Bighorn Sheep scat samples.
 - Sample preparation
 - PCR

 Equipment Use for DNA Extraction

 Instructions for how to use equipment for DNA extraction.
- Vortex
- Centrifuge
- Pipetting


 Benthic Macroinvertebrates - Feeding Groups and Sampling

 An overview of benthic macroinvertebrate sampling in Montana alpine streams.

 Fairy Shrimp

 Fairy shrimp, eubranchipus, inhabit vernal pools and tarns. Discover their means of dispersal and get a glimpse into their life cycle. This is the beginning of a DNA study that will examine their genetic diversity.

 Bighorn Sheep Scat Collection

 Students demonstrate a method for collecting and cataloging bighorn sheep scat samples to be used for DNA analysis.

 Hydrology, Water Chemistry, and LabQuest Use

 Students examine the interrelatedness of soil and water pH and measure changes in dissolved oxygen and turbidity in various portions of a stream. A lab for determining soil pH is demonstrated, as is the use of Labquest meters to measure turbidity, pH, and dissolved oxygen.
 CWW students demonstrate how to locate transects and monitor their use by deer and elk. Filmed at Calf Creek WMA near Corvallis, MT.