My Minute - Student Commentaries

As part of their class requirements, CWW students create a mini-video to share some of their thoughts about their wilderness experiences. Students also use this exercise to familiarize themselves with video editing software and have some fun planning and filming short videos. We call these videos My Minutes. Most students choose topics sometime during the beginning of their summer backpacking trip. They usually film 3-10 minutes mostly on-the-fly in the back country about a back-country topic that inspires them. 

Previous topics have included: how to cross a scree field, how to pack a backpack, how to use a stove, selecting a potty place, and swilling. 

Below are links to the most recent videos from the 2010 and 2011 Cohorts. 
Click HERE to see My Minute videos from previous CWW students. 


 Student Name



Roxy's My Minute.m4v

 Roxy     How Animals Play In The Water

YouTube Video

 Jacob Keep your cool

YouTube Video

 Katie How to cook a mountain house

Bear Awareness Final 1.m4v

 Ayden How to be Bear Aware

CWW Summer Trip - 2012

CWW Summer Trip 2012 .m4v

 A series of photos and videos summarizing our 2012 summer trip into the Bob Marshall Wilderness.

Backcountry Chugging

Back Country Chugging

 Chugging Water in the back country!

 Stuff Backpackers Say

Stuff Backpackers Say.m4v

 Roxy R A few phrases that even the best can't resist saying.


 Julia B
 An entertaining take on a cute creature found in the wilderness.



Julia W  Learn Four Types Of Clouds and What Weather They Bring!

Mosquito Massacre

 Matthew D
 Mosquito's in the back country. What to bring, learn from others!

 Rice Cookin'

 Branden B  How to start a MSR Dragonfly stove and rice cookin at the speed of light

A Quick Ankle Tape for the Backcountry

 Roxy R
 How to tape an ankle when your on the trail.

How to Rig a Fly Rod

 Devan W
 An instructional video on how to rig up a fly rod so you can enjoy countless hours in the wilderness

Bitterroot Timelapse Videos

 Bryan R
 How the world constantly changes around us.

 How to Start Your Stove for Backcountry Cooking

YouTube Video

Michelle An instructional Video on how to start your stove to cook in the wilderness.

 How to Pack a Pack

How to Pack a Pack

 This video shows the proper way to pack a backpack to help avoid aches and pains caused by poorly packed backpacks on a hike.

 Bear Safety

Bear Safety

 Maddison   This video shows the proper safety in the wilderness if you encounter a bear.

 Backcountry Wilderness

Backcountry Wilderness

 This is a short film about how to keep your body in proper order while hiking in the wilderness.

How to Gut a Fish

How to Gut a Fish in the SubAlpine

 Hannah  This is a short documentary about how to properly gut a fish in order to provide the best experience for future travelers. Also how to make it easier to cook.

 The Propper Preparation for Preparing a Pleasant Potty Plot

The Propper Preparation for Preparing a Pleasant Potty Plot

 Isaac   A short film with detailed instructions on how to properly use the restroom while in the back country



 Will  This brief and entertaining motion picture will answer the following questions:

•What is swilling?

•How does it relate to backpacking?

•Why is it important?

•How do you do it?


 The Importance of Wilderness

The Importance of Wilderness