My Minute - Archive

As part of their class requirements, CWW students create a mini-video to share some of their thoughts about their wilderness experiences. Students also use this exercise to familiarize themselves with video editing software and have some fun planning and filming short videos. We call these videos My Minutes. Most students choose topics sometime during the beginning of their summer backpacking trip. They usually film 3-10 minutes mostly on-the-fly in the back country about a backcountry topic that inspires them.

Previous topics have included: how to cross a scree field, how to pack a backpack, how to use a stove, selecting a potty place, and swilling.

 Title         Student Name

 Blister Prevention

ourtnBlisters can ruin your day and maybe even your trip. Here are some great ideas for preventing and of course treating those nasty little burns. 

 Boot Tying

 Ben Ben teaches future backpackers some sweet boot tying technique. How to keep your heels locked down with some clever tying.

 Snow Crossing

Gabe Crossing hard mountain snow is not as easy as it looks.

 Backcountry Meals

Ryan Ryan discusses some pointers for food planning in the backcountry - balance weight and taste!

 Tips for Bathing in the Alpine

Andrew Andrew and others demonstrate bathing techniques in the cold alpine waters on long backpacking trips. A must-do after multiple days of hard hiking.


 Kylynn Leave no trace put to the test. What you do with leftovers in the backcountry.