Feature Documentaries

 Title         Description

 St. Mary's WebCast

 Students hike to the top of St. Mary's peak in the Bitterroot Mountains in Southwest Montana to deliver a live broadcast to Middle School class.

 Weather Patterns - Clouds and Forecasting

 An overview of common cloud types in Montana's Big Sky country and what they mean for traveling in the backcountry.

 Leave No Trace

 A guide for backpackers on how to follow Leave No Trace principles and guidelines.

 Hydrology 101

 Students follow a stream from its glacial source to its confluence with a mature river. Along the way they examine changes in water chemistry and life zones. Students also discuss physical features of a stream and how to use insect species as indicators of stream quality.

 Mountain Goats: Leftovers from the Ice Age

 Students examine the adaptations and habitat of oreamnos americanus in the Beartooth backcountry.

 Stream Features

 A four minute overview of runs riffles and pools as we follow a stream from glacier to river.