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Primary Projects


Type the title of your project and format as a sub-heading. Give a 1-2 sentence description (your thesis sentence might be a good place to start).

Then, open up your final draft of your Primary Project research paper. Make any of the final edits and changes that Mr. Rzasa and your advisor suggested. Separate your Primary Project and Secondary Projects into two separate files. Save them with very clear names such as: "Neils_2010_PP_SalmonLifeCycle". (This tells us in the future, who wrote it, what year, what it was, and what it was about - it is very clear and descriptive).

Save them or put them into the files on the P-drive called CWW2010_PrimaryProjects and CWW2010_SecondaryProjects. THEN (I know, lots of steps), upload both projects to the appropriate file in Google Docs.

Then, add a hyperlink to the title of your project above to your project in Google Doc. Tip...you will need to get the lin from Google Docs and add it here.

Good Luck.