My name is Michelle and I am in 12th grade. I applied to CWW because I wanted a change in my everyday classes and I wanted to learn something that was traditionally unavailable in school systems. I loved being a part of the Classroom without Walls team because it gave me an opportunity to learn survival skills and real world ideas that I can carry with me to college and for the rest of my life. Skills such as: How to use a cook stove to make our own meals. How to set up a tent. How to look at the sky and predict weather, what people are supposed to do for the environment when out in the wilderness and many other things. CWW gave me an experience that I will never forget and added greatly to my high school experience by allowing me to meet new people and get to know my friends in an outdoor setting. CWW has added more value to my friends and a new skill set to use later on in my life.

Now that I am a senior and looking at job opportunities, CWW has helped me to look  into a scientific career maybe involving biology, ecology or forestry. I hope that one day I can make a difference in the environment and add to the pool of information that scientists add to every day in the world.

My primary topic is Leave No Trace Ethics and Procedure
My Minute topic is How to Start a Stove.