The Corvair Greenbrier Van Model kit project

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I've been working on this model project off and on for some time. My brother loves Corvairs and he asked me to make a model of this Chevrolet Greenbrier/Corvair95/Corvan Corvair Van. There has never been a model made of this van to my knowledge and he wanted one. So I believe this is the only one so far, at least in this scale or any other scale for that matter. There are some old, somewhat crude "toys" around of this van, made during the 1960's.But no model kits other than a pickup "Rampside" truck made in 1961. That model was made by a company called Premiere,but Premiere is no longer in business.I have one of these Premiere plastic Rampside models and it's neat, but not that accurate. I don't know of any diecast metal or resin models of the Corvair Van. Maybe someone else does,email me if you do know of one.Vans usually are not that popular to begin with as a model subject. Anyhow, here's how I made this Hotwheels sized model. This project began by modeling a 3D model on my computer of the van using a 3D software package called Alias. Once I had that 3D model I was able to create a toolpath for my CNC machine.I used a toolpath generator software called Deskproto.That program created a toolpath file from the 3D model that my desktop MaxNC-10 CNC machine could read and run.  My CNC machine then cut the model out of a polyurethane plastic block. I then made silicon rubber models of the completed model master and made copies or castings of the prototype in polyurethane resin.
Rendered image of the 3D model Corvair Van Greenbrier

 Animation showing the wireframe 3D model underneath.
I highly recommend this software for creating tool paths.



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