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In 2013 the FCC opened a rare filing window for its low power FM (LPFM) radio service to educational non-profit groups to give them a voice on the airwaves.  On October 31, 2013 the Corry Area Radio Service  group was formed to apply for and operate a LPFM station serving the Corry area.  In January of 2014 the application was approved and a construction permit was issued by the FCC.  The call sign is WHYP-LP and the radio station will operate on 98.9 FM.  Our mission is to help promote the arts, entertainment and culture of the Corry area and facilitate communication from organizations and programs aimed at improving the economic environment of the region.  

LPFM radio stations are non-commercial and can only be licensed to non-profit groups, therefore, WHYP-LP will not be a business venture. This radio station is strictly a public service and will be funded through business and individual contributions, federal and state grants, traditional fund raisers and underwriting. If you watch public television or listen to public radio you may be familiar with these funding activities as they are also used by these media. See our "LPFM Radio Explained" and our "How To Donate" pages to learn more about LPFM radio and fund raising.

The FCC requires LPFM radio stations to be community focused and primarily educational in nature. So, while there will be music and other entertainment offered, WHYP-LP will also offer information such as reports from local Corry area government offices and community groups, broadcasts from local events and fund raisers, announcements from other non-profit groups and charities, etc. The amount and types of community focused programming will depend entirely on the level of financial support received from the community.

Please consider if you are able to contribute financially to this great addition to the Corry community or if you are able to volunteer your time with fund raising, grant writing or other activities that will help us finance WHYP-LP operations. There are incentives for both businesses and individuals that contribute at certain levels.   Word of mouth is crucial to achieving our goals. Please share this page on social media and with anyone you can to help get the word out.   If you have any questions about this project or how to get involved please email me at

Brian Silvis - General Manager
Corry Area Radio Service
PA Non-Profit Entity