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"A lie has speed, but truth has endurance."
Edgar J. Mohn
Sgt. Dale M. Baranoski - not your typical crime victim


Corruptology: the study of public/legal corruption

Corruptologist: One who studys public/legal corruption



: The legal system in New Jersey is compromised. Not just a bit, not a lot, but totally. Imagine if you will that the legal system is a train on the tracks. Generally, it runs ok. Most cases get handled properly, minus the ones affected by incompetence. However, when, for any reason, the situation calls for it (such as a certain name appears that needs to be insulated from accountability and justice, usually in order to gain and trade political favors, OR when a person is targeted for some slight, offense, insult, or for any reason, real or perceived, then a rail switch can be activated and the entire legal system is diverted from the main rails and onto a side rail that travels towards a dark tunnel where anything can, will, and does occur.

Goal and Objective

: My ultimate aim in creating this website is to demonstrate how the U.S. and the State Constitution can be suppressed on an at-will or as-needed basis. My objective is to bring you inside the belly of the beast so to speak, and using facts, evidence, proof, and sadly, other victim cases, expose how it occurs.

I remain amazed that the open civil and criminal violations that I have documented since 1997 of not only my plight, but of the victims that I have discovered and confirmed. But I am truly shocked to learn of the theft of the actual soul of the Constitution, which had been accomplished just after the Country was recovering from WWII. If you care nothing of the victimization of individuals because you don't think it affects you? Well, if you think the Constitution and the rights contained therein can protect you, think again, because at least one part of the Constitution has been suppressed....


MY GIFT TO YOU. If you take nothing else from this site, take and USE this!

Here's the answer to the problems all 3 branches of government are causing, as well as bi-partisan corruption:

President Andrew Jackson stated in his Seventh Annual Message, December 7, 1835:

"All history tells us that a free people should be watchful of delegated power, and should never acquiesce in a practice which will diminish their control over it."

The framers of the Constitution intentionally included the very mechanism to "oblige" government into relative compliance. But because of the veracity of the next statement, it has been effectively, albeit illegally (if not treasonously) rendered impotent.

Lord Acton, April 5, 1881, letter to Bishop Mandell Creighton:

"All power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

But, it is up to the People to restore it, and use it; or for the Sheeple to do nothing, and lose it. So when the tool that the founding fathers specifically included in the Constitution to deal with public corruption is brazenly tampered with, where is the outrage?

Its the 5th Amendment dealing with the OTHER grand jury power, often referred to as the 4th branch of government, one for use BY the people AGAINST public corruption. Here are two authors explanation of the tampering with the Presentment Grand Jury.

Here is the court note that they refer to regarding the court rule that is relied upon to, in effect, illegally amend the Constitution:

Appendix to Title 18, United States Code, Rule 6 Note 4:

"4. Presentment is not included as an additional type of formal accusation, since presentments as a method of instituting prosecutions are OBSOLETE [emphasis added by me], at least as concerns the Federal courts."

 One Amendment fallen, whose is next? The Constitution is no longer threatened; it has already been attacked and altered! Not by foriegn terrorists either, but by our very own public officials! The motive? Self-preservation and insulation from accountability for their transgressions, and their accountability to you! I'm pretty sure that illegally and subversively AMENDING the Constitution is a treasonous act.

How best to reverse, restore, and use:

In the 5th Amendment of the Constitution, there are two powers of the Grand Jury. One is controlled by the Prosecutors commonly known as an Indictment. The other is specificaly for the People's use, such as against public corruption involving anyone of the Three Branches (legislatures, judges, and prosecutors, etc.). This is known as a Presentment Grand Jury. In fact, it is referred to as the Fourth Branch. It is the safety line when the check and balance

Since the 1940s, the latter power has been covertly suppressed and unavailable to the public. Here is how:




    Even the federal statue Title 18 section 1504, which is a pretense at accessing the grand jury, was proven a deception all the way up to and before the Third Circuit COA (opposed by the USAO) This is an actual brief so you might want to read it later, and accept for now that the Courts won't allow the public access to a grand jury in order to present evidence of wrongdoing. Maybe because it might mention a Judge or two?: LINK COMING SOON

    This tool is imperative when Government can't and won't police itself, and when it becomes too powerful to be affected by voting or elections.

    Now see the attempt at our own State Constitution and tell me its coincidence. This is something totally dispicable that I literally just found on the Internet. When I do legal information/ case searches,I learned to not just look for cases favorable to my intent, but at cases that were against it as they offetred good points to be aware of and sometimes, like this page, that would have a hidden agenda.
    In the 5th Amendment, and New Jersey's own identical provision, there is the Presentment and Indictment process. Both utilize Grand Juries which consist of men and women subpoenaed for "jury duty." Some juror-elects serve on Indictment Grand Jurys (IGJ), some on criminal jurys, and some serve on civil grand jurys. It has been awhile since any were designated to create a Presentment Grand Jury.
    The two powers of the GJ (PGJ and IGJ) are nearly identical except the IGJ is to be used BY the government via prosecutors, aka lawyers, and the PGJ is for use against public corruption, aka the three branches of government, BY the People, and not a prosecutor. This was and is, the original intent of those who created the Constitution, as they knew firsthand how easily power corrupts. As long as the users of the IGJ behaved, their would be little need for the PGJ.
    Motive and Intent. Squashing the Presentment half of the 5th Amendment and/or State provision, benefits only the bad apples in public by protecting them from being held accountable, for acting, or failing to act, unlawfully or otherwise. This means that every member of the Legislature, Executive, and Juficiiary, aka any politician, prosecutor/law enforcement, and anj judge.
    Well, here the treasonous actions is being "justified" at my very own State's PGJ Constitutional provision! By a "lawyer." how can it even be called a profession? Not one bit of moral, ethics,character, or testosterone among the whole lot of them. Sorry, I digress.
    The lawyer makes this part of our State constitution (which exactly mirrors the US Constitution!) as something dark and evil, cloak and dagger and secretive. But the "tell" that the author's motive is anything but pure, is that, minus the insidious spin he casts upon the PGJ process, he is describing. The exact same process and procedure which occurs everyday in every County and State Indictment Grand Jury (IGJ) session!
    As for the secrecy of the process? Well it is supposed to be suppressed from the public! For the exact same reason the Indictment Grand Jury is! To protect the jurors so they can't be intimidated, coerced, or fear reprisals. The presentment aspect. Of the PGJ is just like the IGJ, from which criminal complaints either become official (true bill) or denied (no bill), and the matter either goes to trial or it doesn't.
    Note that the writer doesn't mention the nearby identical similarities. Instead he talks about public officials being charged without notice, or the ability to confront their "accuser" which is exactly the same process that happens with the IGJ! Except the behind-closed-doors protection of the IGJ also hides the total manipulation of it by a Prosector aka lawyer! Which highlights the need for the PGJ, unless of course you want to protect such gross legal abuse, which this lawyer wants obviously. I'm sure there is a good chance he might find himself a viable target for the PGJ, but would rather an IGJ, controlled by a favorable collegue/Prosecutor, would direct any IGJ away from any incriminating evidence.
    Note this is authored by a "lawyer" whose profession probably makes up most of the occupants of those three branches! So he doesn't believe one word of his crap. He is just laying the groundwork to get rid of this big threat against his ilk.


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