1.@indtravel  Shame on you for promoting ANCOL where dolphins are abused & neglected! pic.twitter.com/VizR3qbf51 #WonderfulIndonesia http://spredd.it/5fM83OKU
 2.@indtravel So much beauty across your region, why promote the captive dolphin industry? pic.twitter.com/9bjIO51dKL #WonderfulIndonesia  http://spredd.it/D0lVfZbF
 3.@indtravel  Wild caught dolphins suffering at ANCOL. Put that on your website. pic.twitter.com/VizR3qbf51 #WonderfulIndonesia 

 4.@indtravel Your website promotes the beauty of the sea & captive dolphins. Confusing... ! pic.twitter.com/UGDghzNKCM #WonderfulIndonesia http://spredd.it/091c0Cpz
 5.@indtravel The Ministry of Tourism's own website promoting captivity. Shame on you! pic.twitter.com/XFhb0piJVg #WonderfulIndonesia http://spredd.it/Ny0r4GJ6
 6.@ancoltmnimpian We know your dolphins were captured at sea, including pregnant dolphins. Shame on you! #WonderfulIndonesia http://spredd.it/6C3adcei
 7.@ancoltmnimpian You call yourself a theme park? The only theme I can see is cruelty... pic.twitter.com/VizR3qbf51 #WonderfulIndonesia http://spredd.it/hbdxe4A3
 8.@ancoltmnimpian You told us you'll release the dolphins, but when the weather is right. A ludicrous statement. #WonderfulIndonesia
 9.@ancoltmnimpian Government and local council ownership doesn't give you the right to abuse animals... Time for change. #WonderfulIndonesia http://spredd.it/Rd3op7N0
 10.@jokowi President, the captive dolphin industry is a stain across your region. End it now pic.twitter.com/1uDfQGG7wT #WonderfulIndonesia   http://spredd.it/3U047dAa
 11.@SitiNurbayaLHK Why are your department protecting the dolphin abusers and not the dolphins? pic.twitter.com/2wlg3n2oQT #WonderfulIndonesia http://spredd.it/0SJfcfjo
 12.@SitiNurbayaLHK Minister, why have WSI got so much control over wild and captive dolphins? pic.twitter.com/9bjIO51dKL #WonderfulIndonesia http://spredd.it/D5lUf96f
 13.@SitiNurbayaLHK Dolphin attractions are lying to tourists just to make money. pic.twitter.com/1uDfQGG7wT #WonderfulIndonesia   http://spredd.it/dTi1t0UC
 14.@SitiNurbayaLHK 700,000 signatories said close the Wake pool. Why did you ignore them? pic.twitter.com/gtvhPfxM68 #WonderfulIndonesia http://spredd.it/Kh3q3dC2
 15.@SitiNurbayaLHK Tourists are becoming rapidly aware that dolphins are suffering. It's time to listen to our concerns! #WonderfulIndonesia http://spredd.it/KzJfd1cC
 16.@SitiNurbayaLHK The Indonesian flag runs red with the blood of captive and dead dolphins  pic.twitter.com/1uDfQGG7wT #WonderfulIndonesia http://spredd.it/c6mW8PGD
 17Please follow and support @dolphin_project & @jaan_indonesia to help end the captive industry across Bali and Indonesia #WonderfulIndonesia http://spredd.it/hc55fQc5
 18Write to your Indonesian ambassador, demand an end to captivity. http://id.embassyinformation.com/ pic.twitter.com/1uDfQGG7wT #WonderfulIndonesia   http://spredd.it/n8151S3q
 19Going on holiday to Bali or Indonesia? Say no to corruption & cruelty. pic.twitter.com/1uDfQGG7wT pic.twitter.com/nFMDZLOeFP #WonderfulIndonesia  http://spredd.it/4UXw1ZYI
 20PLEASE RT and tweet this sheet: https://goo.gl/WQY4g3 Together we can end the suffering pic.twitter.com/nFMDZLOeFP #WonderfulIndonesia   http://spredd.it/QZmpWcV3