I love to listen to the newness of the morning,
to touch the sincerity of the earth,
to embrace the intent of the sun,
and to renew with the serenity of the moon.

    This is my new website where I'll be posting to
'My Perspectives' page, 'My Pictures' page,
'My Poster' page and 'My Resume' page.
The covers for "Systole" and "Diastole" are on 
'My Books' page with links to the sites where they can be purchased.
Better hang on to your wallet,
they are a whopping 99 cents.
("Diastole" links are still being created.)

And there is a link to YouTube where I have created videos of me reciting all my poems from "Systole".

You are always invited 
to pass notes to me in the 
Comments area.

Peace, Love, Dove, Corrine.