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Chairman Spoony is Watching You! (I kid!)
It has become so confusing to arrange the pages of this website that I've removed them and am instead linking to content from my blog, Mad Science Writer. As I add blog posts, the order in which they are listed will change. For now, let's start with something fun:

The Tale of the
Mysterious Rodent, Solved!
(It should be noted that I didn't get the memo about the "new and improved" way to wrap text around the sides of pictures, so that will also have to be dealt with.)
I don't much approve of hyping mysterious animals and whatnot, as you may be able to tell from that article. Thus, it should be no surprise that I would write something like this:

Early on, I even did a series on the subject, covering a broad range of topics:

The bigfoot legends began with Native American stories about giants, and next I moved on to stories about little people, as told by the natives of Flores. Imagine how excited I was to find that such a species really did once exist, at least thousands of years ago!

Of course, if there really were any bigfeet or Ebu-Gogo, I'd want to conserve them. Species probably go extinct every day, including ones we haven't discovered, and some of them are very valuable in terms of what we can learn from them and/or other species needing them in order to exist.

Only one individual of gliding frog species remains

While on the subject of doom and gloom, I also did a piece on roving space objects smacking the earth, and it even includes videos of one such event:

There's much more down-to-earth things to worry about than that, however, such as infectious diseases. Thank goodness for the medicine that we have!

Speaking of medicine, there's a lot of misconceptions about certain drugs and their uses -- which I attempt to rectify:

Another interesting type of therapy is hypnosis, as I got a really interesting introduction to it:

Nine Years of Numbness Reversed With Hypnosis.

It has many uses, of course.

Hypnotizing one's way out of a traffic ticket, and other shenanigans.

You know, because Rob's awesome like that.

Vince Lynch Interviewed Rob Today!

This next post actually used to be an article on this website: It's about what happens when two young men take video of themselves tying flares to balloons and then wait until the flares make national news as the Morristown UFO before they show the footage to anyone.

Rudy and Russo's Big Gullibility Experiment

Speaking of UFOs...

And, as for alien abductions, here's my strange account of just such a thing:

If you think my attitude is suspicious, you're right!

One of my favorite topics is evolution, and so it shouldn't be a surprise that one of my favorite topics to pick apart is creationism.
` Interestingly, the creationists I've known who have actually bothered to learn what evolution is are no longer creationists and now understand my writings on this.
` The ones who have never learned what evolution is actually think that creationist propaganda describes evolution pretty well. Thus, they think I'm either too arrogant to "see the truth" or am lying through my teeth.

To help prevent this situation from happening, I wrote this post about how it all began:

Creationism -- Why I Never Believed It

It's not as though I'm ignorant of what creationists say -- in fact, I listened to four of them rattle on about why they think the earth is only thousands of years old, and then added my two cents:

Creationists at Skeptic Night

I'll have plenty more of this stuff before too long...

I was at a convention called The Amazing Meeting 2012 (named after James "The Amazing" Randi), which is full of scientists, magicians, and other people who are into discovering new things, solving problems, dissolving illusions, and exposing scams.
` I wrote an entire chain of posts about all the cool stuff I saw and did, complete with photos and videos, from psychology lectures and podcast recordings to swimming with some of my heroes, Penn Jillete's Rock and Roll Doughnut and Bacon party, and even a James Randi Educational Foundation Million Dollar Challenge:

My Trip To TAM 2012 Starts Here! (There's a link at the end of each post so you can keep going.)

In one of my general updates, I wrote:

I've also been to a few local events along a similar vein. Stephen Hawking was the headliner here:

Seattle Science Festival thingy at the Paramount

I didn't get to meet any of the scientists or performers at that event, but I did get to meet some folks here:

Weirding Out Richard Dawkins and other tales

Also, I went to a comedy night recording of Star Talk radio:

Neil DeGrasse Tyson, I scream for you like a leetle girl!

As you may have noticed from the above links, my blog contains many posts from previous blogs, and I believe this is the first example of such an occurrence:

I can't escape the pebbles!

At last, I began to do this formally, under the pretense of:

Because pulling things back from the depths of time is resourceful.

Here's a small bit of humorous commentary involving theoretical physics.

This one includes some detective-work on exploding toads, as well as an incident wherein I rode a landslide:

Well, better get back to writing blog content. Wish me luck!