Corrigan Contract with Cuyahoga County

Corrigan Contract with Cuyahoga County

In addition to the normal functional obligations of the County Executive, I commit to complete the following objectives during my term in office:

1)      Ending Corruption – I will not tolerate County Corruption.  I will commit to completing a review of all contracts greater than $50,000, understanding the need of such contracts, the processes and procedures used to place these contracts, and the integrity of the final award to ensure that no malfeasance has occurred. I will work with federal authorities, the County Prosecutor, the State Auditor, and the County Inspector General to ensure transparency and to answer subpoenas and other reasonable requests for information wherever possible. I will make reasonable efforts to publish and make available the findings of such investigations to the general public.

2)      Child Welfare – I will seek to properly fund every agency involved with the welfare of our children, particularly those aged 12 and under, and to the greatest extent possible, consolidate under one umbrella. Each county employee, from the County Executive, to social workers and case workers, accountants, road crews, attorneys, deputy sheriffs, tax assessors, and any other county employee will be expected to manage their work in parallel with the primary responsibility of looking after the welfare of our children. I will not accept the abuse, neglect, mistreatment, and reckless homicide of our children and along with County employees, we will aggressively root out all risks and dangers to them. I will dismiss county employees who do not accept this responsibility and I will defend with every last resource, county employees who do. As a county, we will not accept an attitude of complacence and indifference any longer. From this point forward, we will protect our children.   

3)      Cuyahoga First – I will immediately drop the practice of using executive search firms to hire top executive positions from outside the area.  The County will hire employees that live within county borders, and the County will contract with vendors, suppliers and companies that have established businesses within Cuyahoga County, unless otherwise detrimental to county finances.  I will work to hire and promote small and minority businesses operating and employing workers living within county borders. Furthermore, the County will, at every opportunity, seek to retain dollars and spendwithin county borders. I will make no exceptions to this practice other than those specifically approved by County Council or myself.

4)      Strategic Planning – I will construct a 30-year Master Strategic Plan for the county intended to provide a long-term growth trajectory. This plan will include concentration on the development and clustering of between four and seven industries with the intention of having Cuyahoga County become the dominant location for these industries within 30 years. Examples can include medical, energy, aviation/aerospace, data management, advance manufacturing, industrial components, financial services, and transportation, but to properly do this, I will convene a panel of experts in our region to establish areas of concentration, and acting upon their conclusions, begin to establish policies which direct discretionary expenditures toward these goals.



5)      Business Development- I will incorporate a series of process metrics aimed at a recovery of 32,000 net new jobs over the next four years, bringing us back to employment levels last seen in 2008. This effort will begin with outreach to private capital investment, cooperation with new startups, expansion of existing businesses, and attraction and relocation of new businesses. I will seek to exploit economic advantages and remove disadvantages wherever possible. I will work with Council to fully market and developnewly identified federal opportunity zones, and to create “zones within zones” through targeted infrastructure development. I will seek to offer relocation incentives to companies moving into Cuyahoga County based upon long-term employment, contribution to the economic welfare of the county, and the hiring of minorities and otherdisadvantaged persons.

6)      Communications and Precinct Government– Within each of the agencies and departments, I will reorganize the reporting structure of employees working on helplines, hot lines, customer service lines, call-in assistance lines, and other outreach lines within agencies to have them report up through a staff level communications director reporting directly to me. I will use the information compiled to identify underperforming agencies and to resource and restructure these agencies accordingly. I will direct the communications office to conduct Precinct Government training aimed at disseminating information to precinct committeepersons through their volunteer organizations down to every last person in the county, if needed. Finally, I will hold quarterly Town Halls across the county allowing each resident an opportunity to speak directly with me.

7)      Human Resourceand Employee Practices – I will work with Council to adopt non-discriminatory employee practices for the county workforce. This will include eliminating overtime and special perks for senior supervisory and management positions, removing exclusionary privileges to select classes of employees on the basis of rank, and implementation of inclusive hiring practices for all county employees regardless of race, gender, or creed.

8)      Agency Management – I will flatten the county organization, reducing the direct reports to the County Executive from 47 to less than 15. Our agencies will complete and closeout all reasonable, discrepant findings from external auditing authorities regarding non-performance or non-compliance.  With the County Council, I will request legislative relief from the County, State, and Federal authorities on regulations which, although well-intended, act to obstruct the normal conduct of business and the completion of county goals and objectives.  Finally, we will set up independent arbitration panels to conduct hearings on contested actions taken by our agencies. 

9)      Finance, Budgeting, and Debt Reduction - I will target a sales tax reduction from 8.0% to 7.75% based upon a combination of reduction of expenses andincrease in revenue in excess of $32 million dollars.  In conjunction with this goal, I will direct the Fiscal Officer to hold every Agency and Department manager accountable for their budgeting and departmental expenditures.  On an agency-by-agency basis, we will conduct a zero-based budgeting exercise to determine true needs and to budget accordingly.  The County will similarly support the Courts, Metro Hospital, the North East Ohio Sewer District, the Convention Complex, and other tangential county-funded organizations in completing the exact same exercise. We will no longer accept incremental budgeting as a foregone conclusion. 



10)   Safety - I will support expanding police, fire, emergency medical, and other first responderservices to the best of my capacity, and I will commit to handling controversial events or issues of malfeasance within the confines of executorial responsibility and without exploiting such issues for political gain.  I will seek to strengthen our services and to reinstate the honor, respect, and support for these public servants. I will support community engagement, local hiring, and special programs aimed at positive interaction between the youth of the county and these first responders.


Peter J. Corrigan

August 1, 2018

Peter Corrigan,
Jul 27, 2018, 10:02 AM