Basic information and rules

Dear friends! 

We would like to invite you to the 3rd World Correspondence Gomoku Championship

Brief description follows. 

The tournament is being played in 3 leagues: High League (10 best players), First League (2x12 players), Second League (all the rest). The rules about forming these leagues are attached below. 

The opening rule is swap2. The time control is 135 days per player per game. After the 150th stone is played a game is declared a draw. In each group every player plays 2 games with every opponent. Tie-break criteria: game points; match points; Berger coefficient; personal score. Playing server is

The usage of computer programs, game databases etc. is allowed, but the rule "one player = one ID" is very strict. 

The starting date is February 15th, 2021
The deadline for applications is February 13th, 2021

All renju and gomoku fans are invited to take part in the tournament! 

An application should consist of: 
1. Your full name 
2. Your userid at server 
3. Country and city where you live; your citizenship 
4. Contact e-mail 
5. Contact person: full name, mobile and e-mail of a famous renju/gomoku player who is ready to confirm your participation and prove your identity. 
This person may be your club leader or player, just a good friend of yours (maybe from another country). He/she must know you in real life, not only in the Internet. If you experience problems with finding such a person, feel free to contact Referee to solve this problem together. 

Please send your applications to the following e-mail address: 

Every application will be answered. So if your application has not been answered in a week after you sent it, please try to re-send your application or connect me in another way - for example, via VKontakte, Facebook, or a third person.

The full rules of the World Correspondence Gomoku Championship 2020 are attached below.