Products and Systems

CASAS Processing: Using a digital answer sheet, this tool corrects and process the CASAS data to produce specific learner need reports that are shared with teachers to help individualize instruction. 

Digital Intake This is a system used to pull in many forms of intake in a way that provides teachers with a one page summary of all intake data relevant to the learner. This allows teachers to instantly be aware of special needs, desires, comforts and other vital information derived from the intake process. This sets the foundation for individualized instruction.

Individualized Learning Plan and Goal Tracker: This tool helps learners share what their plans and goals are and provides a way to easily journal and record progress in every goal quickly and easily. 

College and Career TrackingThis is a system that helps the learner start with individual reflection and brings the learner into career exploration and through the planning process. The results of each stage are instantly shared with staff working with the learner so contextualized learning activities can be set up to meet the individual needs of each learner. 

CCRS  Checklist: ELA Math:  This form helps start teachers on the process of adopting the three major shifts in both ELA and Mathematics. The teacher works with one activity idea and demonstrates the three shifts.

CCRS Lesson Planning: With the checklist complete, teachers can now start diving into all the details of presenting an activity or lesson to the public. The goal at the end of this process is to have a digital activity fleshed out with supporting material, assessments and learning options which can be posted on a community site and shared with other practitioners. 

CCRS Math Organizational and Recording Tool This is a system that organizes and tracks progress through the CCRS. It includes ways to indicate status on each standard, a reporting tool, each standard linked to collection of teacher submitted lessons assessing that standard, and a collectible card system to individualize. 

Career Clusters - Graphical organization of the ONet Career Clusters Information