Youth Ministry Faith Formation - Class Calendars

General Announcements for all classes:
"All Faith Formation groups scheduled for the morning of Sunday, November 3rd, are canceled.  This includes the groups of; Mr. Corsetti, Mrs. Virtone, Mrs. Kooney, Mrs. Vartuli/Mr. Fulmer, Mrs. John and Mr. Camp.   All group meetings will be rescheduled to Sunday, November 10th @ 9:00 - 10:50.   Please see and respond to the  October 17th Flocknote."

Mr. Zahn
 Grade 6 (Boys)

Mr. Corsetti
 Grade 6 (Girls)

Mrs. Heflin 
 Grade 6, 7 (Boys and Girls)   

Mr. Pitts
 Grade 7 (Boys and Girls)

Mrs. Vitrone
 Grade 7 (Boys and Girls) 

Mrs. DiRaddo 
 Grade 7 (Boys and Girls)

Mrs. Bach / Mrs. Sloat
 Grade 8 ( Boys and Girls  )

Mrs. Muller
 Grade 8 (Boys) 

Mrs. Kuo
 Grade 8 (Girls)  

Mrs. Kooney
 Grade 9 (Girls)

Mrs. Vartuli / Mr. Fulmer
 Grade 9 (Boys)

Mrs. John
 Grade 10,11 (Girls)

Deacon Charles
 Grade 9, 10 (Boys)

Mr. Camp
Grades 10 (Boys)

Mr. Zacharewicz
Grades 10, 11 (Girls)

Mrs. Wysocki
 Grade 9, 10, 11 (Girls)

Mr. Stasik
Grade 9, 10, 11 (Boys)