WHY You Profit

WHY You Profit

CorpsWellness is a competitive advantage that can improve recruiting, retention and the bottom line.  A healthy workforce is more productive and requires less costly health insurance.  Healthy workers are also less accident prone, reducing worker's comp and disability claims.  And healthy workers appreciate companies with healthy cultures.

Better Output – CorpsWellness is a powerful productivity enhancement for your business.  Healthy workers are more present, more productive and have fewer accidents.  On average, worksite wellness can reduce absenteeism by 28%, improve productivity by 25% and cut workers comp and disability claims by 30%. 

Lower Costs – CorpsWellness can help you lower health insurance costs for you and your workers.  Insurance providers increasingly encourage worksite wellness and will consider employee population health data when negotiating health insurance rates and coverage.  On average, you can expect to cut insurance premiums by 27% with a worksite wellness program.

Strong ROI – CorpsWellness is a strong investment that pays big divdidends.  On average, worksite wellness programs should begin to pay back in the second year and return up to $4 for every $1 spent.  Our innovative wellness programs also enhance brand position, garner positive press and improve recruiting and retention.

Whether you're concerned about the health of workers, looking for a new compelling employee benefit to compete for or retain top talent, or trying to contain rising health insurance costs, CorpsWellness can provide a powerful  edge for a healthy culture and a healthy bottom line.