WHO We Are

WHO We Are

CorpsWellness is advancing worksite wellness with active intervention and innovative stock option rewards that deliver serious results for companies and for workers.  We make worksite wellness affordable, even for smaller businesses, and offer a unique combination of business experience, diet, fitness and personal training skills and  a needs-based, goal-oriented and ROI driven perspective.

Active Intervention – The CorpsWellness approach to corporate wellness is not your typical passive informational program … we actively measure, train, reward and support individuals.  Our engaging approach, that combines data with personal attention, training, contests, group dynamics and stock option rewards, changes the health of people, companies and communities.

Stock Options – CorpsWellness was the first wellness program based on stock option incentives, or Health Incentive Options (HIOs).  HIOs are an affordable, compelling alternative to cash, often having extraordinarily high perceived value.  HIOs engage and excite workers to improve participation and link wellness to company results, providing skin in the game to sustain motivation over years rather than months. 

High Value, Low Cost Awards -- We also design high perceived value, low cost award alternatives to stock options for public or membership organizations and companies who don't offer stock options.  Health and retirement benefits, time off, trips, various prizes, discounts and even recognition and status can all be used to create compelling awards.

Serious Results – The results of typical corporate wellness programs aren't good enough.  America’s unhealthy workforce is a very serious problem that requires more than a passive, informational solution.  Companies need an aggressive partner that can dramatically improve productivity and reduce health benefit costs, while protecting worker confidentiality and changing lives. 

We're not your everyday wellness company – we've upgraded worksite wellness with affordable personal attention, proven science, rigorous analytics and technology that makes good health and strong ROI easier.  Our solutions are built on a solid foundation of fitness and nutrition know-how, group training talent, and marketing and technology leadership.  We’re seasoned business professionals, innovators and accomplished change agents.