Our clients are pioneering growth businesses, many of them start-ups, companies with distributed workforces and satellite offices and membership organizations of all kinds, who recognize the competitive advantage and economic imperative of healthy workers and members.  We work with smaller groups of people often left out or difficult to serve by larger corporate wellness programs.

We believe in local.  What works in one business or location may be very different than what’s best in another.  Group culture, geography and community matter.  That’s why we train and license local health and fitness pros and partner with local companies to help us deliver solutions to fit the local market and help the local community.  

SMB – We specialize in localized wellness programs ideal for small to mid-sized businesses.  We design affordable, modular programs that work for early stage and growth businesses as well as more established and mature organizations typically under served by other providers.

Satellites – CorpsWellness is ideal for subsidiaries, satellite or regional and local offices, and franchises, often difficult to fully include in headquarter or larger wellness programs.  We can measure, train, reward and support remote workers for successful healthy lifestyle change.

Memberships – We go where people form groups – schools, clubs, public offices, NGOs, places of worship, markets, neighborhoods … People in like organizations often have like needs and goals and a sense of group that can be leveraged by CorpsWellness for lifestyle change.