WHEN You Group

WHEN You Group

Groups are the most important differentiator in successful lifestyle change; they set social norms, provide like-minded support and reinforce success.  Just ask Weight Watchers -- still the most successful diet program.  And work groups are particularly effective, since stakes are high and teams and processes are established.  When it comes to wellness, a company group is a powerful change agent much greater than the sum of its parts. 

CorpsWellness encourages teams, departments, divisions, locations and the entire company to work together toward health.  And group  incentives encourage workers to help one another and reach out for help to achieve goals.  The result is organic teamwork and leadership that leaves no one behind.  People step up to fill gaps and support one another and a culture of health evolves as more and more join in.  

Workers – CorpsWellness improves the lives of workers (and their families) by providing the diet, exercise and change know how and individual accountability and motivation to live a healthy lifestyle.  We also encourage teamwork, mentoring and leadership to take advantage of the power of groups. 

CompaniesIs the health of your staff better than average?  Or worse?  Are you vulnerable to low productivity, high absenteeism or unnecessary workers comp claims?  We give businesses insight into preventable worker health issues and powerful tools to improve productivity and reduce health benefit costs.    CorpsWellness leads to a new and more profitable culture of health.

Communities – We believe worksite wellness that improves the health of workers, their families and their companies spreads throughout the community.  Recognition of unhealthy environments increases, demand for unhealthy options decreases and activism for change emerges.  America's unhealthy lifestyle spread by social contagion; a new healthy way of life will have to spread the same way.