Next generation wellness measures health, engages workers, incents change and lends hands on support; it’s powerful preventive medicine that meets the needs of both businesses and workers.  Whether you need a full service wellness administrator, worksite program design or advice on an existing program, we offer solutions, inventive products, licensing and consulting that delivers results.   

Modular Solutions – CorpsWellness product and administrative modules can stand alone or combine to provide a complete front-to-back wellness program.  Whether you need a turnkey solution, a workforce health assessment or confidential analytics, we’re your one-stop resource.

  • CorpsWellness – is a turnkey solution to actively measure, train, reward and support individuals to dramatically improve productivity and reduce health benefit costs, while protecting confidentiality and changing lives. 
  • Administration – we provide change management, marketing communications, incentive management and analytics as stand alone modules or in combination to handle wellness execution confidentially, so you can stick to running your business.  

Licensing – What works for one business may be very different than what’s best for another; culture, geography and community matter.  That’s why we train and license local health and fitness pros to help us deliver local solutions.  We also empower employers of all sizes with licensing programs to run wellness in-house.  

Advice – we consult with companies to launch affordable and effective wellness and to improve existing programs based on business and worker needs.  We conduct workforce evaluations, upgrade program designs, introduce Health Incentive Option (HIO) incentives and develop internal Train-the-Trainer programs.