HOW You Start

HOW You Start

CorpsWellness starts with a health appraisal of workers, an analysis of productivity, health benefit costs and worker’s comp and disability claims and a recommended solution custom designed to meet the wellness needs of workers and the return needs of the business.  The result is a new understanding of the health of the organization, a roadmap for effective intervention and an accurate sizing of the opportunity for change.

Assess Workers – The CorpsWellness health appraisal process, FitAppraisal, evaluates mindset, nutrition, body comp, activity, general health and fitness – 20 controllable health and longevity risk factors.  Participants receive insight into how their health compares with norms and individual action plans, while the company is provided with aggregated results to identify company wellness needs and establish baselines for monitoring progress. 

Analyze Expense – The business case for worksite wellness is typically based on expected productivity improvements and reductions in health benefit and worker’s comp and disability costs.  In addition, qualitative benefits like improved worker morale, new hire recruiting, positive press and brand position are equally as important.  CorpsWellness design is based on analysis of the potential quantitative ROI and qualitative benefits.

Prescribe Solution – CorpsWellness custom solutions are based on the health needs of workers and the return needs of the business.  Less healthy populations may require more intervention, more training and more incentives, while workers with above average health will require much less.  Similarly, companies with internal wellness resources or a desire for less intervention may require only advice or “train the trainer” licensing. 

CorpsWellness starts by understanding the health of the organization to produce a roadmap for success with predictable results.  By assessing worker health and analyzing productivity, health benefit and worker’s comp data, we can prescribe a modular wellness solution to deliver the results you need at a price you can afford.  Why not start today with a free assessment of your senior management team?