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We manage what we measure.  Measurement indicates value and leads to achievement.    Wellness becomes a priority when measured; studies show logging meals, tracking exercise and checking blood pressure improves health.  When workers measure health and companies review aggregate health data, wellness improves dramatically.  Regular health appraisals, health performance tracking and reviews and health goal setting encourage health achievement.   

AppraiseThe CorpsWellness health appraisal process, FitAppraisal, evaluates mindset, nutrition, body comp, activity, general health and fitness – 20 controllable health and longevity risk factors.  Participants receive insight into how their health compares with norms and confidential action plans, while the company is provided with aggregated results to identify company wellness needs and establish baselines for monitoring progress. 

Track – Once wellness needs and baseline data are established for workers and the company, a needs-based CorpsWellness program is designed around individual and company goals.  Quarterly checkups to support and encourage workers also facilitate data gathering, reporting and result reviews to monitor progress toward goals and highlight health achievements and performance gaps. 

Achieve – Goals set expectations and standards and facilitate roadmaps for success.  Wellness goals at individual, team and company levels motivate healthy change, strengthen reward to result ratios and improve ROI.  While Individual wellness goals are imperative, group targets, often overlooked, have the potential to amplify individual goals, increasing measurement, commitment, accountability and teamwork.