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We're a young company with lofty goals.  Our mission is to make a major dent in the country's health care crisis by helping workers change their lifestyle for better health and productivity; enabling companies to reduce their health benefit costs and improve the bottom line.  To accomplish our goals, we created the first worksite wellness program based on stock options and active intervention to measure, train, reward and support workers.

Business is a powerful change agent, offering one of the best opportunities for reversing the country’s risky lifestyle and unsustainable health care costs.  Experts agree a healthy diet and regular exercise can prevent 97% of premature deaths, 80% of chronic disease and 40% of cancer in this country, which could eliminate 75% of healthcare costs and billions of dollars in lost productivity.  

We work with business pioneers that highly value employees, good health and good investments based on needs, goals and ROI.  We’ve upgraded worksite wellness by combining data, science and technology with personal training, group dynamics and stock option rewards to change the health of people, companies and communities. 

Our unique combination of small business, marketing and technology experience and our diet, fitness and personal training skills give us an uncommon perspective on worksite wellness.  Our custom, turnkey solution, CorpsWellness, offers an original approach to health appraisal, diet and exercise training, incentives, health maintenance and even the corporate retreat and wellness store.