Unpardonable sins, just facts from print.

If I want to live in a better world I will not support ill behaviour ... the most dangerous for the world is lack of interest and resignation ... this is why we have corrupt politicians and debts. If you do not support ill organizations they will have no money for bribing ... it is simple.

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NEW!! - US psychopaths!
"US Government Plotted To Assassinate Bolivian President"

The USA - murders for fun: Here’s what General/President Dwight Eisenhower had to say about it in his 1963 memoir, The White House Years: Mandate for Change, 1953-1956 (pp. 312-313): “Japan was already defeated and that dropping the bomb was completely unnecessary, and secondly, our country should avoid shocking world opinion by the use of a weapon whose employment was, I thought, no longer mandatory as a measure to save American lives. It was my belief that Japan was, at that very moment, seeking some way to surrender with a minimum loss of “face.”

"U.S. Holds the World Record of Killings of Innocent Civilians"

Former British Foreign Secretary, Robin Cook: The truth is, there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al-Qaeda, and any informed intelligence officer knows this. But, there is a propaganda campaign to make the public believe in the presence of an intensified entity representing the ‘devil’ only in order to drive TV watchers to accept a unified international leadership for a war against terrorism. The country behind this propaganda is the United States.

"Since the end of WWII, the U.S. has tried to overthrow more than 50 foreign governments, most of them democracies; interfered in elections in over 30 countries; tried to assassinate over 50 leaders; dropped bombs on people in over 30 countries; and tried to suppress a populist or nationalist movement in 20 countries."

"Nearly every mass shooting incident in the last twenty years, and multiple other instances of suicide and isolated shootings all share one thing in common, and its not the weapons used. The overwhelming evidence suggests the single largest common factor in all of these incidents is that all of the perpetrators were either actively taking powerful psychotropic drugs or had been at some point in the immediate past before they committed their crimes."

USA murderers playing chess with European lives:

"the State Department and CIA’s material support of ISIS terrorists on the Syrian battlefield going back to at least 2012 and 2013"

"The former Ukrainian security chief admits that the sniper attacks which started the Ukrainian coup were carried out in order to frame others."
"NSA Intercepts 98% Of South American Communications."
"The US National Security Agency (NSA) undertook systematic mass surveillance of Japanese politicians, ministries and corporations over a number of years."

"They're among the brightest young minds in the country... and they think America is a bigger threat to world peace than ISIS: Harvard video survey"

"US national debt" - it will end soon, prepare for martial law...

"German journalist and editor Udo Ulfkotte says he was forced to publish the works of intelligence agents under his own name, adding that noncompliance ran the risk of being fired. Ulfkotte made the revelations during interviews"

"Many agents and high ranking officers had disappeared because they had refused to work on propaganda against the Serbs in Yugoslavia."
So the only conclusion is the USA want to keep YOU and its ALLIES under CONTROL, nothing else.

The USA = murders for fun in Afghanistan, New York Post: "President Bush inexplicably censored 28 full pages of the 800-page report (9/11). Text isn’t just blacked-out here and there in this critical-yet-missing middle section. The pages are completely blank, except for dotted lines where an estimated 7,200 words once stood (this story by comparison is about 1,000 words). A pair of lawmakers who recently read the redacted portion say they are “absolutely shocked” at the level of foreign state involvement in the attacks."

The USA = murders for power, General Wesley Clark, retired 4-star U.S. Army general, Supreme Allied
Commander of NATO during the 1999 War on Yugoslavia .: "We’re going to take out 7 countries in 5 years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan & Iran.." (about ten days after 9/11: “We’ve made the decision we’re going to war with Iraq.” This was on or about the 20th of September. I said, “We’re going to war with Iraq? Why?” He said, “I don’t know.” He said, “I guess they don’t know what else to do.” So I said, “Well, did they find some information connecting Saddam to al-Qaeda?” He said, “No, no.” He says, “There’s nothing new that way. They just made the decision to go to war with Iraq.” He said, “I guess it’s like we don’t know what to do about terrorists, but we’ve got a good military and we can take down governments.” And he said, “I guess if the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem has to look like a nail.”)

The US government knows that these murders, surveillances, lies are not sustainable so have prepared concentrations camps for the US citizens when a bigger crisis comes, the Congress H.R. 645 decision: Wordpress: Halliburton Confirms US Concentration Camps Ready to Detain up to 2 Million “Terrorists.
Poland’s secret CIA prisons - economist.com

This warrantless and irresponsible behaviour needs the US population to be uneducated: 26 Percent of Americans Say the Sun Revolves Around the Earth

"The scientific record shows quite clearly that current temperatures are significantly cooler than the 4,000-year average, yet the media uses a seriously flawed study to claim the opposite. Global warming alarmists put their trust in the media, while global warming realists put their trust in the science."

The USA = corporate fascism at work: "Emails from the Sony hack reveal that the MPAA asked its member studios to pay $165,000 each to upgrade the screening rooms of several U.S. embassies. American ambassadors could then utilize these private theaters as indirect lobbying tools by showing off Hollywood content to high level officials."

... and many many more murders and lies. Simply the US government can not be trusted. The US is responsible for almost all the terrorism due to involving, attacks, murders and lies spreading over the whole world. It is not because of terrorism, it is because some US representatives and companies (mostly banks) need power.

If you are a talented person or an expert, please, do not take any job from the evil part of the world, do not take any job from the US governments, don't be evil. Do not help anyone who keeps the real progress of the humankind far behind. "USgovNO!" This unanimous approach will save your children.

Beware of zero security!

"The operating system with the highest number of vulnerabilities in 2014 was Apple's Mac OS X followed in second place by it's own iOS."
The only mobile virus exists for iPhones/iPads iOS: "Masque Attack - iOS Security Flaw"

"Apple facing class-action lawsuit by 20,000 of its own employees"
"Apple Sued For Forcing Employees to Skip Lunch"

"NGOs Call for Boycott of Apple Products Over Worker Safety"

Steve Jobs: "We are shameless about stealing great ideas." So why do you patent stolen ideas like Rectangle, Side to unlock or Pinch to zoom, it is in a contradiction of the patents' meaning..... The logic says you just want to monopolize market of phones and tablets with stolen and very very simple patents that shouldn't have ever been patented. 

Apple is a company you CAN NOT trust a word, confirmed by a judge: U.S. Magistrate Judge Paul S. Grewal says court cannot believe Apple in privacy case.

Poor iPhone quality and security - Security with Apple's products is just a myth:

"Apple Falls Short of Samsung in Display Color Accuracy Tests"
"iOS 7 Security Flaw Leaves Stored Email Attachments Unencrypted" - better do not use iPhone's default email client, but Apple dictates you cannot change your default email client - do no blindly follow outdated Apple, why do you support such the dictatorship, do you need a father? :)

"Apple Under Investigation in Europe"

... and many many more sins just for money and power. Of course I will not buy ANY Apple product.....and you should really think twice if you want to buy any product from such an immoral company.

Microsoft + Apple want to destroy the better competitor (free Android operating system) through abusing the ill US patent system because they are not able to compete.

"According to the report, the MPAA has formed a supergroup of Google-hating companies, including Microsoft, to use their money and influence to attack the world's largest search engine. The paper alleges that members of the group have been bankrolling Nebraska's attorney general, Jon Bruning, and even held a fundraiser for him at Microsoft's Washington office."

BEWARE OF Microsoft! trying to bribe US officials to go after Google because Microsoft is not able to compete anymore: "Supposedly Penn has been going around Washington trying to recruit consultants, telling them that Microsoft has armed him with a $50 million budget to go after Google."

... we do not need to read more sins about Microsoft, we know there is much much more.....these links prove everything.

And again proved: fine in USA1.5 billion in EuropeJapan, ... very probably everywhere.

... So I will always buy an AMD product even if it has lower CPU performance, but much better GPU performance (for games)...... enough for 99% of needs.


"Selling personal access to companies to boost ailing profits" (remove most of your data you don't need to share)

... I just do not trust what Facebook does with my personal data, so do not donate him so much personal data.



... Google has just become greedy and anti-democratic...hide your privacy - deactivate history of your personal data, ads etc. and teach others how to do that.

How to delete most of your personal data for ads:
1) https://www.google.com/settings/ads/onweb - deactivate everything you can,
2) https://history.google.com (click on the Cogwheel/Settings and erase all your history and deactivate web history),
3) in Android open the app Google settings and deactivate everything you can,
4) install "Adblock Plus" to your Chrome (Firefox) and you have a beautiful, clean web browsing without any annoying ads (Google ads).

I live and come from Western Europe and I support only the right-winged political parties.