Pukar is non-political organization formed by a large number of corporate employees in NCR and beyond to mobilize the opinion of the employees & management in the Indian corporate sector against the issue of caste based reservations for OBC’s in educational institutions.



  • We feel that the current system of reservations has brought about a social divide throughout the country and has failed to serve the very purpose of bringing equality amongst the citizens. A new ‘creamy layer’ category has surfaced which has constantly benefited from reservations.
  • We are concerned about meritocracy in the elite educational institutions, which come under the current umbrella of reservations, as the complete knowledge based industry depends heavily on these institutions for the workforce.
  • We feel that the current system is merely eyewash in the eyes of the society and is being used at best to garner a large vote bank by dividing the society.
  • Qouta’s, when initially introduced in 1950, were introduced for a period of 10yrs, but after that they have constantly been extended till now. This clearly states that the quota system has not been able to fulfill the purpose for which it was originally brought about.
  • We feel that if the govt. succeeds in implementing the current proposals of 27% quota for OBC’s, the next step can be introducing caste based reservations in the private sector, which will definitely hit the whole industry at large.
  • Increasing the seats in select educational institutions is not an option as it fails to address the core concerns of meritocracy and social divide. Another concern is that enhancing the infrastructure of the institution is not an overnight process and will put a lot of stress on the existing infrastructure.
  • As responsible citizens of the country, we feel that we are duty-bound to mobilize our opinion about the whole issue and make the govt. take notice of the same.