Corporate Protest in support 
of YFE
(Youth For Equality)

Names of Volunteers

Date Individuals working for Nos.
24-May-06 Ugam Solutions 9
25-May-06 Hexaware 11
26-May-06 Crompton Greaves 20
29-May-06 Wipro 56
29-May-06 Cross-Tab 6
30-May-06 Patni 8
31-May-06 Kanbay 4
31-May-06 Covansys 6
01-Jun-06 Infosys 5
02-Jun-06 HSBC 5
05-Jun-06 ST Micro-electronics 20
06-Jun-06 M & M +
Tech Mahindra
07-Jun-06 Atos 21
08-Jun-06 Polaris 108
09-Jun-06 UBS 15

What we are doing

The doctors in AIIMs have been fasting for this cause and we wish to add our bit to this.

We aim to take ahead their spirit of sacrifice by organizing a chain of 24 hour fasts by groups of 3-4 volunteer (can be more) professionals company wise.

How We will do it?


  •   Is there some publicity we are doing for this effort ?

    Yes, We have contacted all possible news channels and papers through YFE. The response is awaited. However we need to understand a few points :

    - Media coverage has to attracted by critical mass and we therefore need to keep this on in large numbers to make this visible
    - The most effective coverage is by way of one to one publicity, family to family (ur home members will know and will definitely talk to others after seeing you) and the latest one we are talking of is Company to Company. A reason to believe in this is that we can get coverage yet be lost in Media between the other news articles
    - Its been our experience that a quiet yet strong movement often attracts more publicity. A lot of people approach media..we will also, but once we have a strong movement the media will naturally get attracted and this is what we should aim at.
    - Lastly we have volunteers from all across the country writing form varied corporates already in the 2nd day of the hunger strike...9 company teams have shown solidarity to participate...
    We have the best medium with us...Internet
    - We encourage all to go ahead and direct your media friends and acquaintances to this site and our URL. Trust me we will respond to all emails by calls if needed. So effectively the publicity can happen through each of us as well. WE NEED CRITICAL MASS FIRST AND THEN THE WORLD WILL LOOK AT US.
    - The most significant thing is the sacrifice we make and the black badge/ribbons we wear. THe rest of your own company will see and get aware.

  • In view of the govt announcement 2 days back does this protest make sense

    No, infact now the REAL battle begins...
    The announcement was made by the Cabinet and they still have to table the Bill in the parliament.
    Only when the bill passes both houses and gets the signature from the president, will it implement
    Hence we can always lobby enough to get regional and other parties not to agree. Each party supports keeping elections in mind. If we destabilize the urban vote banks of parties they will have to agree with us. in such a case they will have no other option but to keep this in the back burner/suggest modifications
    The president can be pursuaded to not sign the Bill
    The state legislatures can decide not to implement the law even if the centers agree. Please note that as per constitution Education is a state subject except for Central Govt Education institutions
    Finally there is always the PIL (Public interest Litigation) method available to stop the Law from implementation or to send it across for review
    We can interrupt this at each step provided we have mass support. By our ACTS we will be doing just that
  • Do we have to meet on a central place, fast and demonstrate

    Demonstration and dharna's are not very easy to organize, at the same time everyone might not be able to participate in such activities.
    Hence we have chosen this method of fast while you work and demonstrate your protest at your own organization. This will spread the message more effectively in your organization and to a larger group who have greater and more mong term access to you.
    Once we have critical mass we will go for more direct ways as well