Corporate Protest
              in support
                 of YFE 
    (Youth For Equality)

Names of Volunteers


Date Individuals working for Nos.
24-May-06 Ugam Solutions 9
25-May-06 Hexaware 11
26-May-06 Crompton Greaves 20
29-May-06 Wipro 56
29-May-06 Cross-Tab 6
30-May-06 Patni 8
31-May-06 Kanbay 4
31-May-06 Covansys 6
01-Jun-06 Infosys 5
02-Jun-06 HSBC 5
05-Jun-06 ST Micro-electronics 20
06-Jun-06 M & M +
Tech Mahindra
07-Jun-06 Atos 21
08-Jun-06 Polaris 108
09-Jun-06 UBS 15

What we are doing

The doctors in AIIMs have been fasting for this cause and we wish to add our bit to this.

We aim to take ahead their spirit of sacrifice by organizing a chain of 24 hour fasts by groups of 3-4 volunteer (can be more) professionals company wise.

  • How We will do it?

  • We need a set of employees from each company to come ahead and volunteer for participating in this process. A date shall be allotted to them when they shall fast for 24 hours

  • The next company in line shall take it on from there. Each company can participate again and again with the same or different members

  • The idea is to have each company lodge its protest by fasting for 1 day. We wish to avoid a situation where more than 1 company fasts on the same day.

  • Fasting will mean, not having any food articles for a continuous 24 hours in the allotted day (water is allowed)

  • Our website will display daily how many volunteers from each company fasted

  • While Fasting is taken by one company, volunteers of other companies are requested to send emails and sms messages to their acquaintances, email groups, etc...spreading awareness emails/sms may read...

    "Today 3rd of June 2006, 12 members from xxx company in Mumbai went on a 24 hour fast continuing the Anti reservation protest started by college students. This movement is to display corporate solidarity for the protest."

  • We will display the schedule of volunteering companies, the numbers of participants on the website or email them to you

  • Each volunteer is expected to attend office as usual and can participate from home on a holiday as well

  • We completely trust your honest participation in this movement 

    We are on 24 hours Hunger Strike!!!!