Corporate Protest in support 
of YFE
(Youth For Equality)

Names of Volunteers

Date Individuals working for Nos.
24-May-06 Ugam Solutions 9
25-May-06 Hexaware 11
26-May-06 Crompton Greaves 20
29-May-06 Wipro 56
29-May-06 Cross-Tab 6
30-May-06 Patni 8
31-May-06 Kanbay 4
31-May-06 Covansys 6
01-Jun-06 Infosys 5
02-Jun-06 HSBC 5
05-Jun-06 ST Micro-electronics 20
06-Jun-06 M & M +
Tech Mahindra
07-Jun-06 Atos 21
08-Jun-06 Polaris 108
09-Jun-06 UBS 15

What we are doing

The doctors in AIIMs have been fasting for this cause and we wish to add our bit to this.

We aim to take ahead their spirit of sacrifice by organizing a chain of 24 hour fasts by groups of 3-4 volunteer (can be more) professionals company wise.

How We will do it?


The protest by way of Chain Hunger Strike is solely an act done in individual capacity. It does not endorse/represent the official stand of their Employer.


With students putting up a strong protest against a not so well thought through reservation policy and its opportunistic implementation by politicians, corporates are getting ready to add their voice to this protest.

 Our Agenda

We are a set of young professionals from a range of companies in the Indian corporate sector and we have decided to agitate for :

  • Changing the basis of reservation from caste to economic level of benefit earner
  • Warning the polity of India against the misuse of the powers vested in them for petty and personal political gains
  • Creating a movement among corporates to make them redefine a new political system to fit the "REAL" needs of this nation using their experience and expert knowledge



 How you can help

  • Spread this message to all by email/sms and convince your friends across companies to participate

  •  Indians are rising..It's a chance for us corporates to make the difference

 Please Note


  • This campaign is planned to run starting the 24th of May upto the 9th of June, Mondays to Fridays each week based on response from corporate volunteers

Please download this badge and wear it on the day you protest.